#trevtalks with Trevor Bolin

You never know when opportunity will knock and as my life has been a series of rich adventures over the past several years, yet I made the conscious choice I was wanting more.

Leaving the north years previous was heart breaking after an intense six month fundraising campaign. I needed to get my daughter and myself to a medical specialist in the USA to seek answers. The fundraiser was successful yet we returned home to Rose Prairie with the hard truth and on the cusp of a huge change in our lives.

When I left the North Peace Region with my children I was extremely sad and not wanting to leave as well as unsure if I would ever be able to return.

Yet three years later we have returned. I have grown, been inspired and practiced my skills while I was away. I am better able to give back to the community now after all that was given to us. I know it is my time to return that love and I know the best way is through my blog and visibility.

My first blog post being back in the Peace Region ‘The Next Chapter; Live, love life and community’ shared the journey and growth I had experienced when I was away. That my change in life perspective is driving me to focus on what truly matters in life.

For myself, giving back has been my main motivation as this community of Fort St John gave my daughter and I so much in a time we were desperate and unable to do on our own. It was you that taught me to understand what community really means.

Vulnerable yet passionate in myself I followed my heart and reached out to the community, not to ask for help again yet to ask this time ‘how can I help you’

One person can make a difference and I am willing to stand up and be that person. This journey has led me to others that help and make a difference which is a great privilege.

My big visual step back into the community was going to the Moose FM Block Party. In previous years I had documented my experiences and I knew this was where I needed to be.

After blogging about my day, Moose FM shared my blog post which was super nice of them and beyond exciting. See Moose FM is the main hub for several important social media platforms in Fort St John as it is one of the only independently owned and operated media stations in British Columbia.

The share of my blog was big, to be recognized by Moose FM as it was a huge shout out per say and very validating to me.

I would then receive a very impactful series of messages and an invite that was absolutely elevating and mind expanding to me. This would be next level as Trevor Bolin asked me to participate on his local radio show #trevtalks Truly I was beside myself, I actually did not sleep that night.

I have always been different in the way I look to the way I am. I stand out and never in my life fit in with one group and yet even as a stay at home mum on the farm in Rose Prairie I understood I had a keen interest in marketing. I am lucky I understand the endless possibilities social media can help you develop and it’s ability to market and reach an audience most businesses or organizations don’t always understand how to utilize. I self taught myself to explore and grow through my various social platforms such as FB, Instagram and my webspace which has been a valuable asset in the growth of Boss Mare Betty and being seen.

So I was very much in the deepest gratitude this opportunity was coming to me, a welcome back push of sorts to help me be seen so the people that could use my help will find me here in Fort St John.

The day came and I was so curious and interested in meeting Trevor Bolin. I did not really know much about him other than the billboard he is on at the south end of town, to be honest. I knew he also had grown in the time I was gone to be more influential in the community, I always want to know more.

The interviewer in me wanted to interview him. He was warm and genuine and I was really impressed by his sincere eye contact and interest in the exchange of questions we had in the foyer of the Moose FM studio.

Soon we would be live on air, both broadcasted visually and Audibly I was so very nervous at the beginning of the show. I am usually the behind the scenes person and to be in the spotlight so to speak was so different for me. I make no secret that I am constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone to engage and yet that has opened many doors.

Trevor’s questions came smoothly from him and as I am naturally a writer I am used to having time on my side to answer. Yet Trevor’s kind nature and keen interest to explore the picture he wanted shared, I trusted his line of questions would be supporting to my cause and indeed they were.

As the interview progressed and I relaxed I was excited for the direction the conversation was taking as I felt I was able to express more about my intentions and desires very quickly and in a receptive and engaging way.

I want to be a helper and this experience is an unmeasurable gift as it gave me an opportunity to be seen by the people that could use my help.

It would shock me to find out this program was a new concept because Trevor is blessed with amazing talent and skill to reach conversation in an honest and pure place.

His cadence of speech and his ability to paint a picture through his series of questions is really something to notice and you learn from what he is sharing about.

This is someone that has grown up in this area and obviously has love and connection to see that everyone is included and a person such as him is important in keeping people together.

Trevor Bolin hosts his show #TrevTalks Friday Mornings at 10am and the show is shared amongst his social media platforms and also the umbrella of Energetic.ca

You can view the stream by clicking here and I really continue and encourage people to reach out and connect with me if I resonate with you my direct email is bossmarebetty@hotmail.ca

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