An Evening with the Stars

I was super excited be able to attend the FSJ Association for Community Livings Annual General Meeting and ‘An Evening with the Stars ‘ Awards Ceremony held at the Lido Theatre.

The FSJACL plays a very important and integral roll in our community by providing supporting services and advocating for adults with developmental disabilities.

Tonight was about celebrating the FSJACL’s members and I was overwhelmed upon entering the Lido by the smiling faces and the friendly happy banter and laughter between friends old and new.

This was the first time I had been in the Lido Theatre and it made for an impressionable venue to host such a highlighted celebration much like a local Oscars. There were lights, awards and decor that made you feel this night was indeed going to be special.

I was invited to sit with the table for the City of Fort St John and I appreciated their offer. The smell of fresh popcorn was intoxicating and made the environment really come to life as the Lido was once a true Movie house.

The lights dimmed and a slide show highlighted a year to remember. The music choices sang inspirational lyrics as the slides showed captures of many smiling faces.

Once the slide show commenced the AGM started and almost closed as quickly. It was very clear this is a very happy and healthy Association. Not only did everyone speak highly of each other. The Association does very well if taking care of its business, possibly in part to the many long standing members creating deep roots.

Once the AGM was concluded the ‘Evening of the Stars’ began and it was so very heart warming and I found myself getting quite emotional as I feel there was so much to learn.

Vignettes with the most appropriate music was paired brilliantly with themed awards customized to their recipient were the highlight of my evening.

As each award name was called out, the white envelopes were opened and announced. As the award winner excitedly and proudly made their way to the Stage to accept their award everyone was excited and in full spirits because we were genuinely happy and excited.

This was very much a beautiful thing to witness and be apart of.

I left that night with my heart fuller than I had entered and yet I was just a stranger. Imagine what it would be like if you participated with their program.

Due to lack of permission I did not want to post any further pictures of the event

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