Browns Crafthouse

Simply put, this was one of the best dining experiences I have had to date in Fort St John.

I have had the good fortune to eat at several Restaurants in town and I have also had several unfavourable experiences which left me no desire to return or write about them.

Yet the other night we made our way to Browns Crafthouse and I was beside myself.

This is a huge rave post as I was so very happy with several aspects of this experience.

Style… Yasss…!

Atmosphere… Yasss…!

Cleanliness… Yasss..!

Menu… Yasss..!

Food.. Totally 5 stars..!

Our server had the best sense of timing and knew when and how long to stay with us. I had a Triple Berry Mojito as I am familiar with the Mojitos at Brown’s Social House and I quite enjoy them.

For my main I ordered the Alaska Breakfast which is protein heavy which made my Diabetic heart so happy and I even ate the Sour Dough toast as it was fried and delicious.

As stated above the style and ambiance of the establishment was cool with a bit of a retro diner feel. I was quite impressed with the attention to small details such as misplaced teal coloured chairs, skull lamps and the abundance of Edison bulbs was so very pleasing to my eyes and heart.

With any experience to an outside washroom facility you will learn a lot about the place and I was beside myself again with the style and cleanliness as well as a very large mounted wall mirror.

Thank you..! Thank you for restoring my faith in dining experiences in Fort St John

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