You CAN be a PINUP with Sydney Reid

One of the most frequently made comments to me by woman is ‘I wish I could pull off that look’ and every time I reply YES you can..!

One of the things I love most about Pinup is that it is not exclusive to anyone. Woman of all sizes, ages, backgrounds, kids, no kids can ‘Doll Up’.

The term ‘Dolling Up’ refers to the process or the transforming of hair, makeup and dress of course. Pinup is in the small details and the wearers spirit. When you have the opportunity to be ‘Dolled Up’ it is truly transforming to see yourself in this different light.

The Style of the 1950’s were made of structured dresses that compliment a woman’s figure. Subtle details in make- up application highlight features of the face, such as winged liner and red lips. The combination make a striking look yet it is a complimentary look for woman as it’s simple and classic. Hair is always curled and rolled which is no longer a way we style hair in this day so to ‘Doll Up’ is like art as we are honouring a different time yet we are also honouring ourselves by taking the time to create the look.

In my experience being able to share this transformation with woman I have watched a very similar process take place in each of the woman. First it is nerves not knowing what is to come, it’s usually them stepping out of their comfort zone.

My background is in hair design and this is the longest and most important piece to the Pinup look. Knowing how to curl and set hair is like a map, depending on the direction will determine the outcome of the look.

For a woman to see herself in rolled hair is not super cute yet it’s an important part of the process. It is while the rolls cool we move to doing makeup and most woman have admitted they don’t spend the time.

Once I have completed their makeup and move back to hair is typically the second chance to see themselves and this is when you start to see her shine more. It’s because she is starting to see the transformation.

We then put the dress on, to be able to complete the hair. Now I see more smiles as she admires her reflection as I undue the hair rolls and start back combing the hair.

Once hair is complete we pick out crinoline, belt and complimentary jewelry. I have placed hair flowers in up-do’s which finish the overall look. Now I hear the woman personally complimenting herself or cooing in a sense because she sees herself.

That in itself is so very important and impactful even for those that are able to hear her. The magic in Pinup is very real and the effect is often more than skin deep.

Meeting new people has been really amazing since moving back to the North Peace Region and to meet up with Sydney Reid, Music and Promotions Director at Moose FM there was an immediate connection.

It was only natural after her enthusiasm for my style to offer to ‘Doll’ her up as well. I have expressed this experience is a must for every woman at least once in her life. I shared more about this in a blog I wrote after a Photo shoot with Deanne Southee Photography.

To see yourself in a different light is important and impactful and specially for today’s woman as I feel at times we are torn to focus solely on ourselves and yet we cannot be the best versions of ourselves unless we do take this time.

After we ‘Doll Up’ to take photos is where the biggest mental shift takes place. This is the fun of being posed and capturing a woman’s true essence and it inspires me deeply every time I am able to facilitate this.

In the future I would love to do classes again and be able to open this experience to more woman if they would be interested.

Maybe this will be the catalyst to catch people’s attention. I never really know what lies ahead yet I am always eager to help.

What I have always adored about Pinup is the freedom to express yourself wether it’s in the campy style of cheese cake or the permission to smile showing your teeth.

In the end it is fun and an opportunity to see yourself in a different light. When you take it a step further, you also get to see how your look affects others around you which helps you understand how this can help everyone.

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