FSJ Diabetic Friendly – Your Feet Your Foundation- Reflexology

I know in my life I have heard the word reflexology yet it was never applied in a way to relate directly to me. I knew it was a practice of massaging or manipulating parts of the body and that was all I knew.

Meeting up with Nova Sturt, Owner and Operator of Your Feet Your Foundation – Reflexology she was quite adamant that her service would be beneficial to the Diabetes I live with.

She would go on to tell me her very personal connection to Reflexology and Diabetes and I would understand where her passion for her work stemmed from.

Both of Nova’s parents live/lived with Type 2 Diabetes. After first hand experience massaging her parents feet she would become curious of the cause, effect and why the massage was helping them.

At one point while working on her mother’s feet she discovered a painful area of her mother’s foot. Nova explains to me that all of our nerve endings for all organs of our body end at the soles of our feet. After a couple of days continuing to work on her mother’s feet Nova has her mum seek medical attention and this is when it was clear to Nova there was a direct correlation to the feet and massage and that was the start to Nova’s journey into Reflexology.

I arrived at Studio105 and was eager to see a sign outside reflecting that ‘Your Feet Your Foundation’ was homed here.

Nova greeted me as soon as I came through the door and I followed her back to her work space. Immediately I felt at ease in the space as it was very clean and cozy.

I filled out an intake form and Nova offered me a package on Diabetes and Reflexology as well as a form outlining the different processes the body will do to flush toxins after a Reflexology treatment.

I sat in Nova’s big comfy teal chair as Nova turned down the lights then wrapped me in a big soft cozy blanket.

The chair was reclined and the session started and it was such a very special time and space. Nova explained very well about why Reflexology helps circulation as it works out any blockages that prevent blood flow which restores flow. Neuropathy is a very real thing in Diabetics as our circulation is usually poor so to have this very detailed treatment is huge for us.

After the treatment I could have had a nap as I was very relaxed which is amazing for reducing blood pressure as well other things such as anxiety. This is not just for Diabetics.

That evening I was so tired and as the night progressed I felt like I were in mud. My body wanted to sleep to repair itself and process the toxins that were released. I found I was burping a lot as well which was also listed on the take home sheet ‘Possible cleansing responses to a Reflexology treatment.

I know the treatment had worked in the morning as I gathered my thoughts about the night before. It made absolute sense that my body was given a direct boost to process and circulate my blood which was repairing and full of health for me.

What excited me most was that I could feel my feet. It has been about four years since the last time I could feel all of my toes. I lost sensation in my last three toes and subtle neuropathy did make my legs hurt at night specially after walking.

This day would be different, I walked 7km and my feet and legs felt great. Even as I sit here tonight I am wiggling my toes and not feeling any repercussions.

I would highly recommend experiencing a treatment of Reflexology with Nova as I can see the positive results. I know I will be diligent in monthly appointments. After returning the feeling to my toes I know something good took place for me.

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