Emerald & Echo

I’m not sure if I say this enough yet I love Instagram as it’s my best asset in finding new and exciting things around town.

I love how a picture alone can say a thousand things all with out sharing words. This is how I was inspired to reach out to Emerald & Echo a Local Artist with a twist.

One of the captivating things about art is that one piece of art can have several messages weaved through its intricate flow from the Artist.

Art is visually stimulating and we know it is very rich and personal as the Artist shares a bit of their soul through the creation of their art piece and yet sometimes there is much more than what the eye can see.

At first what I saw when going through Emerald & Echos timeline were old vinyl records painted with different ethereal feeling colours telling a story of their own.

Yet the magic for me came when I learned this was more than just beautiful vinyl records, this was a medium that was also reducing waste and a product that does not break down in a landfill.

A step further these albums music that is inlaid into its personal grooves sometimes become the inspiration for the art itself.

I absolutely fell in love and knew I wanted a 45 yet these albums are usually sold in sets and collections.

As I have a sweet tooth and love all things pink, soft and sparkly I asked if I could have a ‘Cotton Candy’ inspired piece.

I was thrilled to receive a couple of updates as the piece was being created and I even know which record was used.

It’s Raining this Morning by Patsy Gallant which you can hear here

I am happy to have ‘Cotton Candy’ home and on display with my other favourite cute things.

This is a very special art piece for yourself or as a gift as these are one of a kind and each hold their own story.

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