North Peace SPCA needs our HELP..!

If you are an animal lover as I am I know hearing about animals that are in a difficult situation due to no fault of their own is hard to hear about.

It is even more upsetting when it is such a large volume of animals that you know you cannot physically tend or take on for yourself.

Yet help comes in different forms and actions and right now the North Peace SPCA really needs our help.

Recently there has been a great influx of kittens into their care as well as adult cats that are pregnant or requiring medical care before they can be adopted and find their fur-ever homes.

There are over 100 kittens currently in care and soon to be more being birthed. This is an extreme amount of little mouths that need to be fed and cared for.

We live in a generous community and one of the things I admire is that no one goes with out here. Many businesses make it routine to donate to organizations which the SPCA could use at this time.

If you are wondering how you can help there are several ways. Volunteers are needed to help care for the animals, there is a link on the FB Page to an application.

Cash donations are needed to help pay for Veterinary care and medical expenses.

Donations can be made and are used. Currently items needed are;

Kitten milk/ replacer

Kitten wet food

Kitten dry food

Adult cat dry and wet food

Adult cat special care feed – Vet Formulas

Cat litter

As my Finch (pictured below was adopted from the Catnap Society of Vancouver Island) recently transitioned from kitten to cat food as I had a lot of remaining kitten food I was able to donate it as well as a gently used cat post.

I encourage you to find a way to help as animals are dependent on us as humans to care for their needs and provide them healthy and happy lives.

Every little bit counts and is greatly appreciated

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