Sharon and Bram, childhood sentiments revisited

I do not hold onto a strong mental filling system of memories, I seem to recognize feelings triggered by sights, sounds and smells and to me these are what are left of the days that have gone by.

I have held onto writing this post for sometime, its as if I figured out the impact this experience had on me and I had permission to silently close the door not having to recount the process.

Yet I have not taken the images off of my phone and going through a process as of recent where I have moved spaces and again shed, it has been a long time since I have written for myself.

When. I was young there was a period of time that I was connected to a family that I would not see often yet when I did they were unlike people I ever knew in my day to day life. There was a mum and a dad and three children. I was an only child to a mum that raised me on her own. They were wealthy, we were not.

Growing up on Vancouver Island, coastal living includes a lot of time on the beach and this family owned a cabin on a smaller island close to our home. It was by no means a small cabin, yet it was unlike anything I had experienced.

The family embodied an authentic and genuine love and connection, to share space with them you were naturally enveloped in their contagious appreciation of each other, this was different for me and would become a special feeling I would hold onto.

They lived in the states yet would travel up a couple off times a year and they loved games, activities and music, it was then that I would hear the melodies of Sharon, Lois and Bram, never to have owned an album, see a show or really know much about them, yet that they sang about love and connection.

I would go on to grow up with no further connection to them or the music although I would sometimes hear reference to it. I never raised my children on the music. It was just this little memory/feeling I kept to myself.

Working at the Moose has provided me with many amazing opportunities to go see live events and concerts and when Sharon and Bram came to town, I was pulled at the depths of my core to attend.

I feel the universe wanted the opportunity too align for me.

I would not really be prepared for how emotional the concert would be for me. There was a lot said and sang about that I have never really had words for and I was so grateful too hear it all at my age and understand the truth and beauty in the show and know what I remembered as a child was true too.

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