Between the Sheets

It was Friday and it was a long emotional week as we said goodbye to a co-worker. I had made a date with a friend that we would be attending ‘Between the Sheets’ a production by Stage North Theatre Society.

We had a yummy dinner out and headed to the North Peace Cultural Centre. We were excited to have the opportunity to get out and not really sure what the performance would be about as it has been sort of top secret.

Entering the theatre the stage was set as a classroom, I had written a story earlier about the production and I knew the entirety of this play was one act.

I have had the pleasure of seeing one other performance by Stage North called ‘She Kills Monsters’ it was different and unexpected and refreshing to be unexpectedly emotionally moved as I could not have known what I was about to see.

Again I sat waiting the journey I was to be taken on and I was not fully prepared for this ride.

The subject matter is 16 years plus. The hour was intense and I sat with my arms wrapped around my purse tense and sad.

The show indeed sparked an emotional reaction yet it was hard to swallow. It was hard to sit in the energetic echo in which I have felt the sting from.

Hats off to the leads Emry Mika and Stevi MacGillivray for their very real performance.

To read more about ‘Between the Sheets’; CLICK HERE

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