Manny Blu

They say if you want to see change in the world you need to be the change. Kindness is a universal language and it never goes unnoticed.

Jobs that put you front and centre in life can open doors. Exposure can lead people to inspiration a valuable gift which can be echoed and repeated.

When we see these moments we must remember we all have the ability to play a role in life, some way, some how and we truly can make a difference no matter how big or small the gesture.

I had the opportunity to meet Manny Blu who was in town part of the ‘Hits after Hits’ tour, he offered his time to play an intimate acoustic set over lunch to bring attention and raise funds for the Salvation Army Food Bank.

What was beautiful in this gesture was the acknowledgment by Cameron Eggie, Executive Director of the Salvation Army Food Bank who said to me, “The value of being in front of people, is sometimes as valuable.”

What a lot of people in Fort St. John don’t understand is the Food Bank is not funded by any outside source other than the thrift store.

By sharing his time and platform, what Blu offered to our town would have abundant reach and good will.

Blu said, “We had the time and we wanted to do something fun and helps out the community.”

To read more about Manny Blu’s performance; CLICK HERE

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