Citron Jacket by Tribal

Yellow is my current jam. The colour produces a state of mind that is impactful wether in home decor or wearable fashion. You can’t help but feeling good.

It was no surprise when I saw the ‘Citron Jacket’ by Tribal posted to Borealis Clothing Co. that it was going to be mine.

I really dig pieces that can do double duty, bump it up as office appropriate or grab and go for casual wear.

I have a 42” chest and normally grab XL tops yet that sizing of the jacket was not available so I got the XXL.

The jacket has a nice stretch which made it easy to layer with a hoodie.

I am a a super fan of the colour trio yellow, back and white as it is super poppy and fun.

The jacket has become a go to piece for me when building my look and it has been easy to pair with my wardrobe

To see what else is available at Borealis Clothing Co; CLICK HERE

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