Tribal capris and Simpli white top

I love when you can find the balance in personal fashion and style, when you can look super cute yet feel comfortable. During the week we wear corporate style is nice to be dressed up yet weekends for me is being more connected to casual comfort.

The day I picked up my simpli Tru T 3/4 sleeve in white size 16, my Tribal Summer Fling in Cruise Wash Capris in size 16 and my Tribal Citron Jacket in XXL at Borealis Clothing Co.

I was not feeling myself. I wanted that fun bright cute , made me feel put together yet comfort was number one and I checked off all of those with the outfit

I was pretty excited knowing the first time I was going to wear the outfit, I would quickly discover I should have picked up a size 14 in the jeans as they offer ample stretch yet I decided these jeans would become my boyfriend styled jeans. Intentionally a bit too big yet comfortable and cute none the less.

There are so many good things to say about the shirt and one thing that stands out is that it is white as I don’t own a lot of white. The fabric is beautifully soft with a good amount of stretch and its shape is so complimentary to my body shape. The shirt can also play double duty into the office which I love about clothing being function-able.

Now that the weather has changed for the good, all my cute shoes are being paired with my capris which is fun to showcase both as the finish on the capris with the exposed hem and my fun shoes is a fun addition in my fashion style story.

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