The Vintage Affair

A couple weekends ago was the Vintage Affair being held at the Evangel Downtown Fort St. John.

All though I follow their social media and love how well they showcase their vendors, this would be my first Market I was atttending. It was also my first time going into the Evangel.

Parking at the Moose we walked over to the Evangel, paid a small entrance fee and started to wander, it was a beautiful space/location and and there were a lot of options in terms of shopping opportunities.

I kept my hands in my pockets as I was super tempted by the quality of the hand made gifts, there was a nice balance of what was available to purchase which sometimes at markets you miss out on.

I know I will make a point of attending the next Vintage affair and I know you should too. There is something beautiful in purchasing from a small business and one that creates organically what they sell.

Sometimes we get caught up in our lives and routines, shopping in the mass corporate box stores that when we slow down and attend markets where we can interact with the merchants and get history and how items were created. Well it seems to mean more and resonate in our hearts.

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