This little light of mine, Spark Leadership Conference

All it takes is a spark to ignition, wether its a fire or an analogy for passion.

When I heard about the Spark Women’s Leadership Conference I knew I needed to go. I was unsure how I would attain this yet my gut told me that after the my past four years this could be the opportunity that would level up my thinking.

I have had the greatest growth in my life over the past four years. I have been confused at times yet also strongly motivated to live outside my comfort zone and rewrite my story and that in which I believed in myself.

The day the story was presented to me that applications were being accepted for the Angel Sponsorship program, I sat at my desk knowing this was a sign.

The day I received the call I was going to Spark I cried at my desk. I don’t ask for help often in my life, it’s hard for me and yet in that moment I understood by asking for that help I was again creating space in my life for that to happen.

I agreed I would continue to do the on-air portion of my shift before heading over to the Pomeroy Hotel & Conference Centre. I was not sure what would happen when I arrived. My life has taught me not to live with expectation, so I was very present as I would receive a bag and my tag as I entered the ball room.

As I came into the room which was lined with tables facing a stage with screens and flowers, I could feel the buzz of anticipation. I found a seat with woman I did not know and we were into our first session with Michelle Ray who spoke about ‘Leadership starts with you’.

An extremely validating session, I had just come through learning this on my own. That we control the view of the world around us by our own accountability and actions, not that the world and life is happening to us.

There were ample breaks and beautiful snack services with a water bar and coffee. These times were great opportunities to network with the women. It was also enlightening for me to watch the kindness and gratitude shared amongst the woman.

I would continue to participate in Trisha Miltimores session on ‘Connection over Complacency’ attend the beautiful lunch and then watch the panel discussion in the main ballroom by local woman from Fort St. John speaking on ‘Creating success on your own terms’.

The honestly in which the women speakers spoke to the audience and shared openly about their trials and tribulations, was more than inspiring.

The most impactful speaker for myself was Linda Edgecombe with ‘Holy crap I’m busy’ she spoke in a colourful way and I could relate to her delivery. At times I felt she was speaking directly to me and she gave me permission to relax as I understood her messages.

The following day continued with excellent speakers, many ah-ha moments and the continuation of women standing up for women.

It was an honour to be chosen to attend and this gift for me will never go unrecognized as a single parent my boys have already benefited from my experience, as have those around me.

To know this is a conference that was created exclusively by a woman in Fort St. John, for the woman of the Peace Region is inspiring on itself.

I can say I have ‘Shifted Up’ and my purpose has been fuelled.

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