Econoline Crush and StarSail at the Lido Theatre

When the concert announcement was made by the Lido Theatre I knew I had to be there for Econoline Crush.

A Canadian Band out of East Vancouver formed in 1992, this would be the first rock show I would be attending in the area.

Opening for the show was StarSail who are a local band and was keen to see what they were going to bring.

The Lido is an important and cherished venue in Fort St. John. We would not be as lucky as we are to have the diversity in entertainment genres that we do have if it were not for the work of Brian and his staff.

Stage was set for a good night ahead.

StarSail put on a top notch performance, with lots of complex rhythms they were different and organic feeling which was a pleasure to been introduced to.

The power and conviction in which the trio took the audience on a magical story of musical wonder was memorable, for sure.

There was a quick break for the set to be arranged to make way for the headliner of the evening.

I was not prepared for how awesome the next part of the evening was going to play out.

A good front man is key in any great performance. Trevor Hurst was brilliant as he conducted the audience through the lyrical adventure of the show.

The Lido came alive in a way I had not experienced before as lights and smoke filled the air lending to the rock vibe as the audience was consumed by this rock beat.

It was a great evening and the intimacy of the venue allowed us time after the show to speak with both bands in the lobby of the Lido which is really such a unique and real way to connect further to the experience.

To see more about StarSail; CLICK HERE

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