West Coast Amusements back in town

There is something about the fair that honestly brings the child out in me and yet I am not a ride person.

Knowing the fair was coming back to Fort St John after it had been gone for a couple of years,I was going!

Armed with my collection of loonies and toonies I was determined to win me a stuffy.

Set up in front of the Walmart Parking lot with in the containment of the fenced field you could hear and smell the sites before getting onsite.

Saturday’s parking was crazy, turn out was fantastic and I managed to get a spot close to the entrance.

I loved hearing the screams of excitement and the smell of fair fare. All of the classic rides towered over head as you heard the calls from the vendors in the classic midway to win a toy.

This year a new ride was being introduced, the Frenzy was a huge swing that looked fun and terrifying all at the same time. Geoff from MooseFM was stationed under the rise doing his remote which was terrifying.

I walked the games and picked my prize then took my chance with darts and the balloon wall. I would learn I was surprisingly good at the game and found myself a winner.

It was so fun seeing many arms filled with toys and faces stained by cotton candy.

I’m hoping that the Fair will continue to be a regular sight back in town.

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