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The other side of me.




We intended to make a shelter to store the required amount of hay to get the horses through the winter season.

Such as life it did not happen and we luckily found a reliable hay dealer and so our monthly hay day was to commence


We hook up our 2 horse straight haul and bumble down the hwy to the next community where there is a multitude of square bales stacked in waiting for people like us to buy them


The most essential feed required to care for our equine friends.  We feed a square bale a day between the four horses at 4.50 a bale.


A constant flow of hay is the life energy for our equine friends, our land is plenty to stretch their legs yet does not offer the sustainability required to feed off the land.

Weather is a key player in quantity fed as the temps drop the acquired amount to feed increases.

I am very lucky though, we used to feed off of round bales, huge round rolls of hay that is typically put into a field for horses or cattle to feed directly off of yet we did not have enough horses to make this practical so we would rake off what we needed and sled it into the horses.

Now we feed square bales in which you pull off the desired amount of flakes and feed, made for luxury feeding in the winter when the temps are really low and you don’t want to be outside for long.

I always say a barn full of hay is like a cupboard full of groceries.



Spirit decides to participate..

This one is coming straight off the cuff so to speak.. My style of writing is to not do so directly on the format of this site rather go about my day licking and chewing over what I have written YET FB has thrown me for a loop.

I cannot upload pictures and since I spend the greater part of my day yesterday preparing and taking pictures I wanted to get this particular series up..

Spirit is my main fur guy, he is a lot of things to me.  First my friend and then a connecting energy to balance and remind me of my priorities in life.  If you have read any of my other blog posts regarding journalling or “The Dress Metaphor” these will give you a better eye into what exactly I am talking about.

Any ways, Spirit is not a fan of picture taking and 2 years ago while trying to take pictures for the Rowena Pet Photo contest I made the decision to NOT go to him for pictures as he was not keen and you could see it in his body he was put out.

I find myself in a similar situation, trying to take cute Pin up pictures for a contest at the end of winter.  Wanted to take them inside for the warmth yet being limited in photo locations.

We started inside which was a fail, I though the cat would be a well suited friend for the pictures yet looking back on what we captured I look like I was strangling him most of the time so we throw caution and our sensibilities and head outside.  It is cold yet I want to not let this pass me by.

We head to the horses paddocks, I first start with Tadpole whom is not sure what I am up too and has no interest getting close, then Buckwheat whom is always willing to participate as there might be a treat involved for him and then last Spirit.

The first dress I had come outside in was a Rowena purchased dress meaning these pictures would qualify for the contest.  I was wearing the white with black Polka dot.
Before I headed inside Spirit did show a small amount of interest when he grabbed onto my Triple 7 Kustom Bat sweater chain.  As you can see I was a little taken back that he might find them yummy.

Bats Nom nom..



Once returning outside I bounced off the deck, skirt shifting and crinoline blowing I looked to the paddock and saw Spirit not sure of me so of course with a horse you head on over as exposure to scary stuff in a safe and fun way is good. I had changed into the reverse colour pattern dress that I purchased from another Vendor.

The series of pictures taken would later make me reflect.  For they were really what I would have wanted to enter the contest with and yet it would not be as I am not wearing a Rowena purchased dress.  What I did get from these pictures is the absolute love and admiration we have for each other and that as always in Spirit’s way he knew.

Spirit horse

Spirit Horse

Spirit Horse


He knew these pictures were about us..xx


Breathing with Horses

I have had the best fortune to be able to live in a very intimate and close situation with 4 very incredible beings, our small herd of horses. My life style made a dramatic change when we relocated to this area and we were really living with the horses.


Being home with the horses gave me greater access to them then I ever encountered in our previous living situation as we would have to board out the horses. I was given the gift of an education, directly from the horse’s mouth to speak.

I had the time and I was living in a very present state, being in the moment I was able to watch, learn and experience that one may perceive as magic.


It has been known that animals can be a great source of healing and leaders in therapy as they are very aware beings that can help shift one’s personal energetic, mental and physical state.


As I live with Type 1 diabetes I was experiencing change with in my own body that could only be accounted for from the time I spend with the horses.


I have felt a real urge from the essence of myself to open the farm for others to experience what I do. My family has benefited greatly by just being present and around the horses. We take great pleasure in providing the best existence we can for them and do not ask for much in return.


This is an introduction of sorts into what I would like to offer~


To be in or near the company of horses returns our selves to a very calm state of being.


The feeling and the results of such calm are tangible. I believe all animals can offer this calm being, reducing heart rate and clearing mind allowing for deep natural breathing to take place.


The idea of Breathing with Horses is to offer and open an environment that is assessable and safe. Horse experience is not necessary and horse/human safety is put forth first.


Whether you feel you are a creative spirit, the Breathing with Horses environment offers an open space near the horses with access to paper and crayons. The simplicity of being will help with the reconnection to nature and the space it’s self.


Living with Type 1 Diabetes a key factor in maintaining consistent low blood glucose numbers is the removal of stress from your life. I became very aware that being with our horses would often lower my sugars.


I feel that everyone one with pain or confusion in one’s life would benefit from this space


Human nature seeks opportunity to play and rejuvenate we take holidays to take a break and check out of the hustle and bustle all while we are really checking into life during these mini spurts of reconnection to self and nature.


To get away from it all and camping as an example gives a person a chance to forget about timelines and agenda’s and connect to a greater sense of being as the presence of nature, with its sounds and smells keep you in the here and now.


I feel as humans we do not afford ourselves this luxury as much as we should. We have confused the priority and what it is that will really enable us to feel better about ourselves trying to satisfy our needs from an external place rather than looking from the inside out.


We are all connected to each other much deeper than most realise and yet we are coming to a time in life where quite the opposite is happening. A time of awakening some call it. It seems that the external gratification is no longer feeding the deep routed needs to connect and ground one’s self.


There is many ways and languages bringing us back to the same place. Connecting to nature and being in the present moment is the way back to self.


Sometimes one does not know where to start and so it is our intention to offer our property as this place. Some find meditation their way or medium to connect and ground and yet there are many that find new age philosophy and terms not approachable.


We offer a non-judgemental space where you can come as your self with out expectation. You can use the tools we provide in a non judgemental way to find the quiet space inside.


We are proving a space for you to be in while doing something that makes you happy. Do you have a mobile craft you would appreciate doing in the company of horses.

Do you crochet, read, write, or bead.?.


Would you like to walk a stone labyrinth..?


Would you like to be near horses, do you enjoy grooming or just being near by?


We do not offer horse riding and any hands on time with the horses are in a facilitated and supervised situation.


We honour animals as they are not less than us rather our equals and greater than. Our animals are not here to serve us rather we are here to serve them.


We offer a unique experience with a small herd of well cared for horses that each brings their own abilities and connections.


All beliefs and denominations are welcome here.


At this time we ask you to email to set up a time to come out.


My intention at this point is to get word out


I want people to come either as an open house to be in the yard with horses near by or private session for someone seeking to go in with the horses.


I would like to offer the Round pen to yoga instructor to offer a session while horses turned out.


I would like 2 picnic tables with flat top and roll paper to draw and colour


This experience is open to all ages, great for people that live with disease, disorders and medical issues. Children diagnosed with Spectrum Disorders, ADD. Asbergers


For us all to be safe and remain in a positive way there are rules we need to be aware of and abide by to make sure this experience remains as it should.


Please do not enter into the horses physical areas unless supervised or given direct permission as this is the horse’s space and we respect this.


Please do not hand feed the horses. If we offer the horses’ apples and carrots we put them on the ground as we do not want to confuse the horses as mouth contact holds a different meaning to the horses.


Please do not wander out of designated areas.


Please leave your mobile device in your vehicle.


Please bring an open mind and leave any expectations at home.


Please pack a lunch


Please bring your favourite craft or hobby


Please bring a blanket or chair to sit on.


Come as you are.


We are a farm remember your rubber boots..!


Life is made of energy and we are all energetic beings. Energy flows to a fro from us and needs to be balanced and grounded. When our energy system is not, over time this can cause dis-ease in our systems showing up in different ailments.
I believe it is our connection to earth (grounding) and balance with nature that will keep us in check.

We require opportunities to be able to re-align ourselves and I believe that the horses aid in this process. As we do what we enjoy such as crafting in the presence of the horses this enables us to learn to recognise and feel the process.


The Spirit Horse

Life up North

Life up North


We moved to the “Great White North” as they call it coming on 5 years ago.  Our move was inspired by a lack of financial stability; the times were that the economy was in a recession.


We lived on an Island, a large Island that would take you a good day to drive from one end to the other and we lived in the south end in a Government city that was well known for its Tourism industry.


We had always had the horses and it was a struggle some months to keep everything afloat.  With young children, animals and one income something had to change yet we desired a lifestyle that was nothing like what we were currently in.

No longer did we want city life, we had always talked about being in the country that “Country Life” was what we sought out. Freedom of neighbours and our own piece of land to get our hands dirty, this is where we wanted to be.

We knew innately that our children would benefit from this lifestyle, to be able to be children and do what children do best.  Be full of imagination and freedom to run and explore. What a luxury for us to consider having the horses close and other animals to learn from.

This was the life we desired.

We dreamed and dreamed till it was so; the recession gave us the push to get out of the comfort zone and act, first for survival. Money is a commodity needed in order to purchase basics for survival. Then there is choice of how you chose to be, we chose a farm.

The push was a good one; it took us clear to the other side of the Province and north.  We would find ourselves away from all that we knew or were familiar with.  Our family bond grew stronger.


We had left behind family, friends, familiarity.  No longer were we in a climate that was unpredictable with rain yet was predictably moderate.  We soon learned that we were now on nature’s time and we really had to tune into her news feed to keep up to speed so to speak.

I arrived in the middle of December with the children and the horses.  No one knew what to expect and once we got settled we knew we were no longer in Kansas as Dorothy would have said.

The ground was laden with heavy snow, the air was dry and cold, and we were further into nature’s territory than we had ever been camping.  This was a clear moment for me; I knew that the North would help you figure out who you were.  Long were allot of the conveniences I grew up with, first being water.  There was no turning on taps and letting them run for unlimited amounts of time because the pipe let the water flow. I had to form a relationship with the cistern, a large culvert that is cemented under ground that holds your reserve of water after the water truck hauls it to you. We learned quickly to conserve water, limit allot of daily water consumption in a way we absolutely took for granted on the Island.

Now relying on water to be hauled in you also had to work with nature, snow has to be cleared to make for easy access for the truck and no matter how cold the temps, priorities change quickly and pushing snow can quickly become the most important thing on your list for the day.

Second on the list of winter priorities is keeping warm.  Since it is common to be in the negative double digits, body warmth is another key to survival.  I remember being in high school and learning a pyramid diagram with the layout of a humans most basic needs and the North has reinforced that shelter, food, and water are your first blocks and that transportation and a snow shovel are a close second.

I am so great-full for every struggle and dilemma we have had to work through since being here.  They usually arise in the winter as the cold and snow keep you on your toes.  Winter makes you appreciate life; it makes you appreciate any conveniences that are presented to you.

I have learned to listen to the seasonal cues, to slow down and watch the animals and to respect what nature tells me as she will determine how the next 6 months for me can go.

I have a good understanding that when the leaves are falling all must be in order as the snow will soon being upon us again.  I watch for the migratory birds to fly above me and the changing bird breeds as summer bird’s leave and winter birds return.  Animals like the Moose that travel further away in the summer to have their young return to their areas, set by the many generations set forth before them.  We all become more intone with instinct.


Material objects need to be picked up and placed away for it can be a long time till you see it again. Once the blanket of snow returns and the temps freeze it into place, unless you have a good idea where something is there can be a good chunk of time till you find it next.

It is important for us to not only prepare for our animals and ourselves yet we offer food to our local wild birds.  This years snow is a few weeks early and we have received more snow in the past 2 weeks than we did in the entire winter last year.  Allot are caught off guard and I have noticed a difference in the birds behaviours.

Being on the farm sets your priorities as they should be.  Family first as your all that you have and then every thing else will fall into place.

Music and Pony time..

  • Music and Pony time..

    Hudson reloaded my ipod and so I headed outside with a new playlist and it hit me as I stood in the middle of the yard jumping, singing and dancing why oh why has it taken me so long to tune back in..

    I love music.. Singing and dancing are as important to me as food and nourishment.. Specially when I am in the car I am the obnoxious person with the loud music..

    Even as a child I knew all the words to all songs, I loved moving, making actions and choreographing routines to dance to songs.. When there were no horses in my life there was music and when I needed to get places and solely relied on my legs to get me around, it was music that kept me going..

    I used to have a yellow water proof SONY cassette player, with not allot of cassettes I would take stuff off the radio yet my most prized tapes were sinead o’conner and Manhattan Transfer..

    I often walked along allot of trails where I was not seen and would often have to stop in the middle of no where to have impromptu dance scenes as I imagined the world watching.. Yeah I was a rock star..

    Thinking of all of this reminds me now why Carlos has the imagination he does..

    Always awkward of myself music offered it’s lyrical hand to come and escape, to dream and move which unknowingly was keeping me in shape as were the many miles I clocked walking through Burnaby Mountain, to Lougheed Mall and eventually along the Galardi Hwy to get to and from B.H.A. (Burnaby Horseman’s Ass.)

    I am inspired by current music, I am open to all genres yet I always prefer Rap or anything that inspires controversy because of the lyric’s..  I love freedom of speech and that it is an artist’s right to interpret their stories through their own words and colours and I am glad that I have been able to share this with the kids because it has provided many a opportunity to talk..

    For a long time the only time I listened to music was in the car, when the kids were young it was hard to get lost in the music so to speak and yes I had the stereo on yet sometimes the additional sound energy in the house was too overwhelming to me..

    Once we moved up north Hudson received an ipod as a gift and I fell in love, the kids older, I could afford to plug in to the music and out of the world.. I often would borrow this little device of freedom from her. The marrying of poo picking and listening to music became the perfect pairing and was my way of meditation..

    The greatest gift is being free to lose your inhabitation’s with out the use of drugs and alcohol to achieve this feeling.. To openly dance in nature, in a large field.. The though although a very prized reality for me brings me to tears..

    I used to listen to music allot in the winter when the horses did not have the barn..  I realized the energy I would give off was appealing to the Spirit, that or I was a major source of entertainment as I sang and bounced about..

    Once the barn came Hudson and I were often cleaning at the same time so we would be open so we could talk as we cleaned which is equally as nice.. A good bonding time yet there is something about taking care of yourself so you can be better for the others around you..

    Listening to music around horses with head phones on is a lesson in trust for me as I cannot hear what is going on and if I turn my back I have to know that the horses will respect my space..

    With Tadpole coming into the herd there has been some awkward adjustment and allot of ruffled feathers and I have been trying to watch myself around Tadpole as I think he is insecure and reminds me of Flash in some ways..

    So with out hesitation in went the music and immediately I stopped and danced, for the goats, for the chicken’s, for confused Murray and then I turn to see Shurman most curious as to my flailing..

    I cleaned, I danced and then I groomed Spirit..

    He knows when I listen to music, possibly because he hears me.. Hudson said to me over lunch once I came inside it was hard NOT to notice me as she had to close the kitchen window because she could not think over me.. lol

    I think Spirit see’s my colour change and my energy shift.. I share the music putting an ear bud to his nostril then go back to my choreographed grooming..

    I know for sure there is magic in the music for us all.. Once I was done and came back inside I looked out to the paddocks and all 4 horses were laying down.. A sign to me a job well done.

The many sides to me

I was 18 years old when I went in for my first tattoo.. Not a big surprise, when I was 10 years I remember watching Ripley’s believe it or not about heavily tattooed people..

I knew then that was for me..

That was my first inkling I was not like other people.. Long before the internet or social websites you were either cool or you were not.. I was the latter of the two, I never found a place where I felt I fit..

It was not until horses that I had a sense of being ok with whom I was.. The horse never judged me, didn’t care what I looked like or what I liked to talk about, they just wanted to know the person inside..

I always knew I needed to be around horses, my life took me this way and that way and then I took my life back… My desire of tattooing increased as I aged and did my desire to return to the horses..

I met the man of my dreams.. Allot of similar interests were shared between the two of us.. Mostly that of the horses.  We said from the beginning our dream would be to have horses on property and to think we achieved this..

His passion is VW’s and American Muscle cars and what better way for a girl to participate is through fashion and style of the retro Pin Up girl.. A few years ago I was trying to style my wardrobe with a Pin Up influence, hair flowers and lot’s of cleavage.

I did not know at the time how much I would fall in love with they style and culture and even though we live on a farm and are far away from any city centers where we can participate in car culture I knew I wanted to go full on “Doll”..

I am afforded a wonderful life by my husband, I stay at home, have freedom to care for the animals, have time to go on my spiritual journey with the horses and the ability to dress in as style I would like.. It is not a coincidence to me that my love of my tattoo’s goes hand in hand with the NEW Pin up look and it is also not a surprise that I feel I am more than one person at times..

Being at home on the farm I am either in my pyjamas or running about outside in gumboots and barn cloths YET when we go to town is my time to Doll up as I say..

I cannot be anymore polar opposite to these two images..

The one thing that I know for sure in this life is that I am my own being, I have never felt until this point in my life that there was a place for me.. As I went through the years I tried on many hats and none ever seemed to feel that good..

Technology has given us the ability to self promote and put out there and connect with others that have similar interests or outlooks on life..

I have finally learned no matter what I show up like, as long as I am true to myself, intentions and beliefs I am good.  It’s that internal confidence, the glow that radiates from within.. This is what we should deem attractive or popular in and for people.

I always have taken the long road to figuring things out, very much guided by my intuition or gut feeling.. My perception of life has always been different than others yet has reaped me the rewards of life because I see it with different eyes..

No matter how I show up, at the heart I am always the same person..

It only seemed fitting to make the persona of my Pin up character after my knuckle Tattoo and Bettie Page.. I started the NEW “Boss Mare Betty” FB page to accommodate that side of my personality.  Just as I did with “The Spirit Horse” FB page.

No matter what the page they are all facets of me.. Sometimes it feels easier to identify myself as different characters as they can be so different from each other..

Really how many heavily tattooed Pin Up Dolls do you see with farms and horses ❤

Since writing this Blog for “My Riding Journey FB Group” I have since opened this account and decided it was a good addition to this new site and groups of writings.


Big things come in small packages..


(Early Spring, Buckwheat on Left, Tadpole on Right)

When Tadpole was backed off the trailer Hudson and I looked at each other and shared a common though.. Is this the “mini” we just bought..?

There was a familiarity about him as Hudson led him to the paddock and I loved what would soon reveal itself about him to me..

We never judge a horse by it’s initial entrance into the herd and we reserved our thoughts of Tadpole until he was with us for a good week so we knew he had a chance to settle a bit in his new surroundings and be more of himself around the horses..

Tadpole is 3 years old and he had never had a NEW home and I believe he left his mother when he came here.. He was in a herd with other young studs and was probably in a field with not much daily handling by humans..

Coming here would have been a big change for him as he was put into a paddock, a smaller confined space than he would have been used to.. Although we try to offer constant access to hay for the horses, he would have to rely on us to bring his hay to him rather than feeding only off a round bale when ever he chose..

We also are in contact with our horses physically and in presence multiple times a day.. In the spring and summer we want to provide turn out to the field by walking the horses out of their paddocks yet sometimes weather can play apart in this and so Tadpole also had to learn we don’t always get to go out and play..

At first Tadpole seemed to be a bit of a grump.. He was possessive of his space.. Wanted to show up as the big man, ears back and snaky head.. I found his behaviour reminded me of Hudson’s old pony Flash..

As time went on and the weather went to the birds we ended up having to play musical ponies and paddocks.. The paddock that Tadpole was in was so heavily saturated by the rain that we had to block it off and he was on stall arrest.. During this time I started to see a change in him as we would take Tadpole from that stall during the day and either put him in the goat pen or turn out in the field..

I soon noticed another energy familiar to us presented and that was of Khayla our arab mare we had.. There is allot of back story with Khayla yet a quick composition of her time with us is that simply I did not have confidence in my self or my abilities around a young fresh horse and because I was insecure I put that on her too. I could not make the connection as to why I had the problems and feelings I did with her and in the end we sold her because I let fear take over and make my decisions about her..

I soon made a connection with Tadpole.. When he went out with the horses he got puffed up and I would see Spirit constantly working him as he was cheeky and full of himself yet when he was taken away from the herd and put in his stall he was jumpy and timid and made me feel like he was in fact insecure..

Before I made this connection to Tadpole I was thinking what had I gotten myself into with him.. I thought I was doing right by the herd and specially for Buckwheat so that there would be a companion once Hudson and I started road riding again..

Yet once I made the connection I felt the universe was giving me a second opportunity and this time not to doubt myself..  I have come a long road since my time with Khayla.. Spirit has taught me allot and I have faced and over come allot of fear since she was with us..

The Dentist being my #1..

So now when I go outside and I see Tadpole I don’t look at him the same way any more.. He is like me, there is a familiarity in him like he is three horses in one.. As himself and he brings back to us Flash and Khayla just like I am more than one character in my life..

Funny thing now too is the level of worry on both sides seems to have subsided..


Since the time the first part of this blog was written much has changed around the farm with Tadpole. We have all settled around him as he has settled with us.  Long are his days of trying to show us whom is the boss and he understands now what is expected of him.
He now has his own paddock and lives beside Buckwheat, winter is soon approaching so a shelter will be built before snow returns.  The boys have been keenly interested in the ponies again now that there are two and no one has to share.

Tadpole really does have a soft eye and a big heart.