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A Show n Shine filled Summer..

A Show n Shine filled Summer..!

There is nothing better than a Show n Shine on a nice summer day. As we used to live on Vancouver Island, Show n Shines were a great chance to get out and see come Classic cars and styling.  We were spoiled to have the luxury of seeing several shows through out the summer months with large turn outs and varying types of vehicles.  The car culture is really up our alley as my husband is currently undergoing a rod build of his own.

Since moving up North and my husband’s new work schedule, getting to the local shows has not always worked in our favour. This summer is surely going to be one to remember. With great timing we were able to view the 2 Show n Shines available to us.

We as a family were super excited for the first event, our local Show n Shine.  There were about 30 entries. It happened to be the same day as Canada Day and as we arrived the Parade started and the entry vehicles started to roll out and pass us as they were the start the day’s events.

Compared to what we are used to seeing there were not as many entries, yet they still provided for a couple of photo opportunities and a quick fix of shiny chrome and gorgeous paint jobs.

This little Show n Shine in Fort Saint John was the chance for the kids to bond and appreciate with Dad the details he was pointing out to them.  With my husband’s rod build being executed to the standard it is, we all agreed that if his Bus was to be entered as an undergoing project it would have garnered allot of attention as it is really one of a kind.

I chose to wear my PUG Netti -Green and White Polka Dot with my Black and White Kiss Lock Lux de Ville with black accents and boy did I stand out in that crowd.. >.< Ooops, not.. 😉 I started in my wedges and quickly swapped out to my flip flops, good planning I brought them along.

The following weekend in the next town south of Fort Saint John is Dawson Creek, British Columbia.  It is known as Mile 0 marker on the start of the Alaska Hwy.

This is known as the largest Show n Shine in Northern B.C. hosted by the Mile 0 Cruisers Car Club and we were looking forward to a good turn out. As we drove to DC we were eager what we would see and really hoped for a better turn out than FSJ.

Once we parked and passed the barricades blocking of the main streets of town we were really impressed with the turn out of vehicles and the diversity of the makes and models. We even noticed a booth set up by So-Cal Speed shop..!

Cars had come from all over British Columbia and Alberta ( these are 2 neighbouring Provinces in Canada) The streets were lined on either side beautifully with cars and trucks parked on angles as the audience was able to walk down the center of main street admiring the collections.

For this show I wore my PUG Heidi –  Cherry Print with my green sparkle Sin City Motor Tote Lux de Ville and opted straight for my flip flops. Which was an asset as the temps rose to above 30 degrees and it was hot.

A local Rockabilly band the Dodge City Rockets were playing their tunes which really gave the show an awesome ambience as you could hear the band where ever you were.

From all the 300 + vehicles entered we only saw 2 VW’s entered, a square back and a bus.  There were undergoing projects on trailers and again this rose anticipation in my husband for his bus, maybe she will be ready for a little show or two next year.

These two events made for good summer memories and we look forward to the future when we will be entering our own vehicle into this shows as well as having the opportunity to travel and see other places as others get to see us.

Surprisingly a third event came to light while cruising FB. There was to be a Rockabilly Rumble Event in Hythe AB.  My husband and I planned to attend alone for our Anniversary.  I decided to go in my PUG Heidi – Mint Green and Black with my Femme Fatal Lux de Ville.  I planned on wedges and quickly put on flip flops when the location of the rumble was in a field.

We arrived and we were not sure what was what. We had a look at the couple of cars entered in the show n shine and then headed into the venue to watch the cars at the track as my hubby knew one of the drivers.

The smell from the food vendor Motley Que persuaded us in through the gates.

There were a couple of vendors set up so we headed to where they were. First we had a good catch up chat with Elaina Tuttle and Andrew Triebel of The Buzz Bin out of Dawson Creek.  The most recognizable shop in the North, they produce quality work and are seen regularly show casing their work at the Tattoo Conventions such as the up coming Alberta Bound Productions “Calgary Convention” held in the BMO center.

Next to them was Al Gervais Photography from Grande Prairie AB whom specializes in fabulously lit portrait styled photos of very polished and the like vehicles.

A good opportunity was had talking to both these vendors.

Unfortunately we were unclear of the lay out of the day so we left almost as soon as we arrived.  I would later find out that later into the evening 2 bands had played, The Dodge City Rockets whom I was really wanting to see perform again and Six Inch Lift .  There was also a fire performance by the Circus of Hell and the Sisu Belly dancer.

Thanks to Al Gervais Photography I was able to check out what I had missed online.

This day was not a loss for us as we ended up at Stuie’s Diner having some Beautiful pie.

FB Pages to the Vendors and Entertainers that I look forward to seeing again..!

Mile 0 Cruisers

Dodge City Rockets

The Buzz Bin

Andrew Triebel

Al Gervais Photography

Motley Que

Six Inch Lift

Circus of Hell

Sisu Belly Dancer

Stuie’s Diner

The Etiquette Guide to FB Page Liking and Sharing

The Etiquette Guide to FB Page Liking and Sharing..

Seems these days like Etiquette is a dying art in many facet’s of life and in the world of cyber space are we any better.. Chivalry seems to have seen it’s day and when we are on FB so many assume to browse or comment on a page with out the respect of a “Like” or a reciprocating Share.

Why do we go on FB and spend hours primping our pages, choreographing our photo’s writing enticing bits of bloggery for someone to come and see yet not offer support in the way of a like in appreciation of what they just participated in..

Do we not see the people behind the pages, is it too easy..?

I personally never look through a page unless I “Like” it first.. As a page owner the Like is a gesture to me that acknowledges you stopped by and appreciated what you saw.. Liking is also permission or a theoretical Knock at the Door, can I come in and take a look.

I respect it takes time and energy for someone to build and network their page..

I am yet to be at a point with my page that I receive much feedback, I am conservative in size right now yet I know I will always appreciate my Likes and consider them as I build and grow my page..

I think it is natural to want to be recognised for a job well done or a pat on the back or a hand shake welcoming you into a club.. There is so much to be seen and found on the internet it is also nice to Share what you discover..

Sharing is another way to recognise your likes.. I have discovered when going through my likes as Boss Mare Betty FB does not always give me notifications yet I do know when I share, this does for sure..

Any ways.. It is always wonderful to know someone might be interested in your voice or perspective on a topic that is common.. Reciprocation in the land of social media is how we can gauge where we are..

Much love and respect to all the pages I participate on and like as well as gratitude to all my likes and sharer’s because the truth at the end of the day is that we need people to like and share us so we can be seen by the people that would enjoy or even benefit from our pages..

*As of recently I have started to have pictures posted directly on my page and for that I shall return the favour on yours* xxoo

Coming up on 100 FB Likes

Hey Kids..

Since starting this page and watching the news feed and other Doll’s pages the one common is having exposure so people see you and attaining “likes”

The like, comes from the physical participation of the viewer, by waving their cursor and clicking is a declaration of sorts.. It says that someone somewhere is digging something you have done.. The digital handshake or pat on the back..? Membership to a club or is it done blindly and easily..

I often wonder why a person decides to like my page.. I am very curious and usually about stuff most miss.. I really like “intention” and what drives a person to react..

I am very much Boss Mare Betty, my persona is my truest self with my volume turned up.. I used to think before that it was Betty that gave me an avenue and the confidence to do things I may not have other wise done yet I have realized she is me and I am of course her..

Just as this page is an extension of me and enables me to show my likes and interests in a visual way.. Like a cyber scrapbook I take pride and pleasure scoping out eye candy to bring back to my treasured page and for this I have been rewarded with likes..

I started this page originally to clear of the inundation of Pin Up imagery and the sorts I would post on my personal FB..  There are many sides to me and Pin Up and Tattoo culture is indeed one of my many YET it was consuming more of my FB than the other sides so it was time to allow this energy to grow and manifest on it’s own..

The growth of this page shows me that anything is achievable..

I no longer see myself  as just a wife and mum of three.. My daughter does not just take my photo’s, she has grown in her own ability to see through the lens and capture amazing moments.. I don’t just do my own hair and make up, I am making visualizations in my head come to life through my artistic interpretation of myself..

I am not just a gurl,, I am that gurl that likes cute things and is proud of it..

For this I am so great full to all of you that have found your way to this page.. My little milk crate in the corner that gives me a platform to speak about me..

For every like it is a milestone for me.. I take the time to look at who you are (as much as your privacy settings will allow)  If you come as a page I also like to see you, appreciate you and often share you..

I am at 80 likes, which is beyond crazy in my mind.. I was happy at 8 and get the best feeling every time I see that number grow..

So I decided it was time to share my love of you all and blog this note for you.. Simply because I feel compelled to make this page fabulous even more so because of you.. It is important that your time in my house is a good time..

I have learned in this journey that this page is no longer just me, it includes all of you..

So here I stand a few likes from 100.. I have not sought out, asked for or campaigned likes.. I feel that you all are here organically.  Since the beginning of this page 100 seemed the “Official” number of likes that put you on the map and because of you I already feel like I am on it..

Much love and gratitude



Stuie’s Diner

Stuie’s Diner

Experience the 50’s in a Classic Diner..

10516-8th Street, Dawson Creek. B.C. Canada


Being on the farm, travelling to our surrounding towns usually only happens when we have a destination planned.  There is not allot of random cruising as our time and energy is put into the care of the animals, so to get off the farm is considered a treat.

We were heading to a Rockabilly Rumble in Hythe AB, which has us drive through Dawson Creek that sparked a reminder of sorts to “Check out the Diner” one day.

We do not get to Dawson Creek often yet drive through it a fair amount when heading to Edmonton.  The chrome of Stuie’s is like a beacon to my heart and the glimmer in my eye to track it as we drive along 8th Street as we pass through.

I have always said, “We should stop there..!” Who knew today would end up being that day for me.

After leaving the Rumble sooner than expected I wanted to make a mark on this day.  My hubby and I were out on a Date Day in celebration of our 9 year wedding anniversary and with his work we don’t always get the time alone we want.

As we were heading home it came to me that we should finally stop at the Diner, we were both dressed in our finest 50’s wear and what a great chance to turn this day around..!

As we pulled into the parking lot that has ample space the shine on the Diner was incredible, as I went up the front steps my sight was momentarily taken from me as I entered the Diner and it was almost dream like when my sight came back to me.

Almost as if it were planned my dress of Mint green and black matched the interior of the Diner’s colour palate. My breath was taken and I wanted to squeal in delight out loud which I actually probably did as I could not contain my excitement that I finally had the chance to be in this little gem.

Once sitting down in our booth I took to really appreciating the details of the diner, the art and sign-age was appropriate and tastefully done.  Everything looked from the times and I was even offered a glass bottle of pop which thrilled me too.

 The diner was very clean which was very impressive to me and you could really feel the attention to detail.  There was a Juke Box in the back corner and behind the booth we sat in was the table top mechanism you could order your tunes through.

 Ordering our food was quick and as we sat close to the kitchen area we were able to follow the production of our food being made, served up and then brought to us.

After our lunch we ordered dessert and there were a fair amount of pies to choose from.  Louis picked the Apple a’la mode and myself the Bumble Berry.

Oh this was truly the highlight of the day..! I am not a huge pie person yet I ate this dessert in record time. Even Louis noted the speed in which I devoured the sweet and tart berry pie that took me back to my Grandmother’s kitchen.

I am not even sure what a bumble berry is, I do know Stuie’s did it justice.

 Our time at the diner was pleasant, the atmosphere and staff were nice and with our love of retro 50’s we proclaimed we would be coming back and making a regular day

of it.

Pandora’s Box

It’s my hubby Louis Birthday today and I wanted to blog a little for him today. He is currently going through a one of a kind build of his VW Micro bus into a Rod. The bus is currently in Edmonton.  I wanted to write about my perspective and appreciation for what my husband has done in order to get where he is and is going in his build.

My husband is one of those guys that if you can dream it he will make it happen. If you cannot dream it for yourself, he will help make it happen for you too.  He is a guy that gets things done and I look forward to the future when his dream is finally realized.

I would soon understand the volume of this passion when we were dating and I was first introduced to his yard.  It would take me a few years to appreciate what I was looking at exactly.  Before me as far as my eye could see was his collection of VW bits and bobs. From stripped body shells stacked upon one another, to rows of engine blocks, window and windshield glass, you name it he had it.  As the condition and deterioration of the metal and some sat in shades of orange, I could not see through the rust what he obviously was.

Once meeting Louis friends, I learned he was not alone and there were others that prized his collection as much as he. I also put two and two together that Louis collection was unlike any others as he was admired for the rare pieces and the volume of items he had. When I would talk to my friends I would suggest that we could not appreciate the enormity of his collection and passion as we did not participate in it. I would try to compare it somehow to my love of horses and I could never really get there.

I think we all have hobbies, interests and passions yet there is something to be said for the car guy. Love and appreciation is what I learned Louis possessed, that he could look at a stripped vehicle in the bush and see it for what it was.  More importantly what it could be.

I know my husband had a vision for every vehicle he ever owned yet one stood apart from the rest.  His 1966 VW Micro Bus Deluxe purchased complete and running.  With in 3 days of originally purchasing her, he had taken her apart with his dream guiding the way.

A few years ago we relocated across the Province for work, this meant Louis had to let go of all his VW collection.  By letting go of it all to get here refocused Louis and I have seen a new drive and determination to attain this goal.

The bus is currently in Edmonton at LG Kustoms and her name is Pandora’s Box.  To include me in the process Louis let me name her. It seemed a most fitting name as I know when she is finished she will be unlike any other. When you open her up you cannot imagine what you will find.

Allot of time and attention to detail is being taken during this build to bring her to her own level.  Over the years of planning and research we have not seen another build exactly like Pandora.

I am not sure I can do Pandora justice in my description of her as it is all simply over my head. I can tell you my appreciation and fascination by the intricacy and attention to details one may take for granted.

It has been a journey to get here and I look forward to her completion.  Recently Louis made a selfless decision that would make my dreams come true.  He was building an auto shop and ½ way through the build turned it into a horse barn for my horses.

I know I have given him a hard time over the years about Pandora, the other woman.

It is exciting to see his dreams being achieved. I have learned allot about things I never thought I would and the most important are of the character and passion one person can be made of.

I look forward to the day she is finally complete, it will take my breath away I am sure to see the smile on his face as all the small milestones up to this point already have.

Pandora is being built to show quality as in a Riddler Award contender. Pandora will spend her first years primarily as a trailer Queen being hauled to as many shows as we can log in road miles..
She is worth checking out..

The BOSS MARE, Betty

The Boss Mare, Betty..

The Boss Mare is the lead female horse within a herd.. She is who all the other horses look up to yet she has her responsibilities to the herd as well..

We have always had horses and years ago it came to me that I was the Boss Mare of our 2 legged herd.. As the Mum it is my job to ensure the youngest are safe, we have food and shelter when needed.. I require respect in a firm yet loving way to ensure we work together..

An animal can teach you much about life when you are quiet enough to listen and learn.. Admiration for horses and their way has helped me be the Mum I am today..

This independent character was the natural progression for me to embrace as she has taught me so much.. It was really only a matter of time before she required her own stage or mark on the social media platforms in the world of internet..

Boss Mare Betty is one of the many facets of myself. My daily life is about being on a farm, tending to small animals and the care of our horses.. The children are in an environment that allows them the natural freedom of simply being kids and because my husband and I have made choices for us to live our dream we are very happy and committed to each other even after 10 years of marriage..

We do not live that close to the nearest town.. Our favourite city is a 7 hour drive. We are really out in the tullies as they say.. If you were to stop by on any given day I would greet you in johdpurs and paddock boots.. That is unless it is our 6 month winter I am bundled up in snow pants and snow gear braving the -40.

So this you see is why going to town is a big deal, I average a trip about once a week to stock up on food and supplies and this is when Betty emerges..

My husband and I have a shared passion of tattooing, car culture and of course Pin Up.. Town days are my opportunity to step out into the world as cute as can be.

I decided it was time to showcase my interest, photo’s, reviews and journalling as it is lonesome being the only Doll in town.. ❤ YET since getting active on-line I have learned from Betty that the sky is the limit and I can make things happen.

I chose the name Betty an accumulation of woman that have stood out over time, from Betty Boop to Bettie Page and all the skater Betty’s..

For me these two names married well <3.

Although the worlds of farm life and Pin Up style are very opposite to each other, they have also complimented each other and helped me stand apart.. Living on the farm keeps me grounded and allows me to get dirty, where as Betty allows me to dress up, create and do the things that gurl’s dream of..

I love when these two worlds come together.. It is the most honest of places I come from when I am with the horses and to play and dress up including them, being inspired by them is such a reward.. ❤

Pin Up Persuasion ~ Contest Entry

Pin Up Persuasion was having a Contest and so I decided at the time to enter about what I know and swear by.. Here is the contest entry..

I decided to jump head first out of my comfort zone to participate in your contest, unsure of my body size and style for many years I came across Pin Up and discovered how it made the bits about me I am insecure about shine.

When I was younger my Grandmother would tell me the success of an outfit was dependent on what was underneath. Since then I have always been strict on myself by making sure I did my part in trying to slim and smooth the lumpy bumpy parts of me I could.

My insecurity of myself kept me in the shadows, I was awkward in dressing my body and I tried desperately to hide myself. Until now, wearing Pin Up has put me front and center as I stand out in a crowd. Shape wear has become an even greater asset to me, it is the one item that I could absolutely not have in my wardrobe to pull off this sexy style. I am different than the rest in my community and because of this and to be comfortable styled like this, I need to know I have made the pallet of my body primed and ready to wear my dresses as well as I can.

I am a plus sized girl and have an ample chest. I have always found it a challenge to get them to sit high and pretty. I also live in a small town which presents the challenge of retail help and because I am weary of internet shopping due to my size (wanting to try it on first) and location I have had limited options unless I get to a larger city center.

The day that I found my main piece of shape wear that I am going to share with you, was like the heavens opened and I heard angels singing. To some this may sound dramatic yet it is nothing short of the truth, this one item really changed my head space about my body and gave me the confidence to walk with my shoulders back and my girls held high.

I have two parts of my body I want to camouflage. One, when wearing a bra I want to reduce any bulge that develops under my breast line as I already have allot up top. The second is that after three children I have a flap of skin that is evident at my pelvis from a c-section scar that I want to reduce.

The Spanx open front Tank Top has done both for me.

It is a long flesh colour tank top with an open front, you wear your bra and there is a cut out that gives your bra extra lift and the side straps give a little push as well. The tank is long enough to go to my hips and cover my second problem area.

The slinky fabric is great as my dresses fall or slip off the fabric so I do not experience bunching. This product does not have allot of compression so it does not cause bunching or bulging out of other areas. The back of the tank has full coverage and also minimizes back bulging. This product is great to wear for casual wear as well, I find if I wear it with jeans it helps the waist band lay flatter and you do not get too hot with this additional layer.

I would say there is only one flaw in this product and that is the straps. Unfortunately my larger chest weighs allot putting pressure on the cut out below my bra line, this causes the straps to dig in a little and because I cannot adjust them I make do because of what it does do. I also use tape to tape the straps to my bra straps as they want to go further off my shoulder due to the extra pressure the tank is under.

I have yet to see a product that could do similar and cover my 2 problem areas until I saw your contest and looked into your shape wear Sponsor Orchard Corset and found a product I am excited to purchase, similar in design it has adjustable straps and greater compression. I had considered a corset yet not sure how I would get it on. I also found other pieces I would like to purchase as I have a wiggle dress I have yet to wear in public as I am conscious of my lumps and lines.

My photo is credit to my 13 year old daughter Hudson whom was photographer and made the collage.

Never in a million years would I imagine submitting a picture of me in shape wear yet I appreciate your contest and feel there will be others that have great pieces to share about.

Triple Kustom 7

Triple 7 Kustom

It was a good day when I found Triple 7 Kustom’s FB Page.. A business that has a focus on accessories such as hair flowers, hair clips, bobby pins and ..OmG sweater chains..!

I find the best places by “like” lurking, when you go through strangers likes and check out pages.. I am always on the hunt for something new or different that I have not seen..

I especially like to purchase from small personal businesses and I prefer to purchase jewellery and the like because I do not have to worry so much if it will fit.. So finding Triple 7 Kustom was great..

A few things appealed to me about the page and what kept my interest was the layout of the page and albums.. I was really impressed with the pictures of the product, how the product is displayed and price points of product..

The best part though is the “Kustom” album, where you can participate in the creation of your own accessories..

I can tell you I had been looking for sweater chains for sometime, I like wearing cardigans and shrugs with my Pin up dresses and with my ample chest sometimes closing them up is not an easy feat or better yet does not look so pretty..

Once I hit the kustom album I was hooked for sure and even now after receiving my first order I can tell you I will be back to order more.. The kustom album clearly marks what embellishments are compatible with which fasteners. There is allot of selection and not just flowers, there is something for everyone..

I ordered a small hair flower to match a dress I have and then 2 sweater chains.. A kustom Hello Kitty and a Kustom Bat.. Knowing there could be something in the post was super exciting.. Can you imagine how happy I was when I opened my mail box and saw my pink parcel calling to me..

I could not wait as I sat in the car I was so excited to open it..! With my daughter Hudson we were giddy with anticipation and squealed when we saw the additional pieces in the parcel.. A bit of a back story, Triple 7 Kustom had a contest and my daughter did her computer magic to a couple of pictures of me making it look like I was wearing the merchandise we were now looking at.

After bouncing in our seats I said to Hudson how impressed I was with the quality of the items and the packaging, I then promptly put the Hello Kitty Sweater chain on..

It was really nice to be in town on a windy day and not worrying about adjusting my sweater all day.. Not only cute, these chains are functional.. When I was home I switched over my colours and went to town with the gifted little red bows which I will be getting in pink..

Owner/ Operator Megan Reviczky is a doll, she was quick to respond to my messages and got my order together in a timely fashion..

I highly recommend checking out her page and whether you have someone you would purchase for or if you like something for you, I know you won’t be disappointed.. ❤

Lux de Ville

If you love your retro and vintage inspired dresses the only way to complete your look is with a handbag that matches..

I first laid eyes on a Lux de Ville bag at my regular tattoo shop, there were a couple of styles for sale and at the time the bags in the shop had more of a tattoo alternative look.

I purchased a red bag with black spades and a chain across the front.. Once I was home with the bag I decided to track LDV down on the computer and I was beside myself with what I had found..

Why did I not know of these sooner..?

Since that time my collection has grown.. I also do not see an end to purchasing either..! With every season a NEW collection is offered with colours and styles this gurl cannot resist..

My second LDV was bought for me by my hubby at a Tattoo Convention.  The 1/2 moon Swallow Print Clutch that is my go to bag.  With Leo fur on the bottom, black bag with white sparrows it is versatile and easy to hold.

My collection would then grow to include the Sin city Motor Tote in Green Sparkle

Black and White Kiss Lock

The Getaway White Sparkle Kiss Lock

The most recent addition to the collection is the Femme Fatal in Black

They are one of a kind type bags and I found the quality fair and the price point is in-line with similar type retro pieces.. I remember receiving my first Pin Up looking LDV in the mail and I swore I would never buy another type of bag again..

I have always been someone that is keen on the details.. I appreciate the small things and my eye is attracted to symmetry which you get when an outfit is completed head to toe with complementary accessories..

I am committed to my Pin Up look when I am in public, I feel I cannot wear just any bag and that my LDV’s are my cherry on top..

I often get allot of comments on the bags and it is handy to have a few to coordinate with my dresses.. They clean up nicely with a quick spray of Vinegar..

I have purchased all but the one bag from Rowena’s in Edmonton..

Check them out.. ❤

Tits on a Unicorn..

From the beginning of time woman have had breasts.. Born for function these beauties also bare a form that triggers us visually. The response is in recognition of a Woman’s delicious femininity. With all the size and shape combinations the breasts also have ample names. No matter how you call them they are all around us and each set is show cased in as many fashions as one can think up.

The bosom appears to be a fan of controversy, regardless if they are aware of it or not.. They can bring up and stir many emotions and in the same hand can bring up and conjure none at all. They set us apart, literally whether a woman chooses to keep them under wraps or showcase her bosom, sensuality comes in all forms and displays and in this we admire.

I recently came across a FB Page that was embracing the above. With a cheeky approach to true booby appreciation with the combined humour and love of all Unicorns..

Introducing to you for your viewing pleasures ~ Tits on a Unicorn

I know your interested with the gorgeous name and it only gets better!

“Celebrating womanly charms” What better wording to encompass the intention of a Fabulous FB Page run by 5 of the most highly visible Pin Up Dolls on the scene right now..

*Insert Glitter* Introducing the Guardians of TOAU *Insert Sparkles*

NAOMI VONKREEPS- Star wars geek, filter lacking, dork extraordinaire, dark humoured, tattooed, internationally published alt model, possibly in love with Boba Fett.

VERONICA VIRGO- * FUCKING CLASSY * I love music… and clothes… and shoes… and food..

HARLEAN CARPENTER- Harlean Carpenter is a fiction created to create fiction. Her work is the study of a theory she once had about something she can only vaguely recall. Whatever she does next will almost certainly seem like a good idea at the time

KORINA M. LOPEZ- Helping save paws one Pinup at a time!

SALLY SPARROW- No, I am not the Sally Sparrow hunted by the Weeping Angels. I am a Vintage Pinup Model & Makeup Artist who harbours an unnatural love for corsetry, sci-fi, books, petticoats, gloves, My Little Pony and Colin Firth. I am equal parts Busby Berkeley Musical and Maleficent. Come and peek at me!

These lovely ladies came together as friends and wanted to start a fun fan page and what better direction to go then share what they love and have in common. You guessed it.. Tits and Unicorns..

The first distinguishing part of TOAU would be the two daily features.. Firstly the daily Unicorn.. An outstanding bit of Picture humour that includes at the center of attention a Unicorn, of course..

The second feature, The Daily Bazoombas. Your daily bosom picture and tantalizing write up by Mistress Sally Sparrow. Pictures of all shapes and forms, you get to know a bit more about the girl behind the bosom and see if that girl has her own page..

What a brilliant concept as you can go through all the delights if you check back through the Wall Photo album. Although the Page is new the Likes are through the roof. I can see girls lining up to submit to be the next Bazoomba of the Day..!

I know I was thrilled when I was informed I would fill this spot August 7th. Being that I have not done a “Professional” photography session. I adore taking pictures and the like. I would not have ever thought I could have been considered for such an achievement. Wow.. ❤

This for me is a new experience and specially as I am not familiar with showcasing my gurls.. This would prove to be an adventure yet after my conversation with Sally Sparrow I was even more compelled to participate as I knew and felt comfortable knowing this was in fun in a tongue and cheek campy way and I knew these ladies demanded the best and so I felt so comfortable..

Straight from the mouth of Sally Sparrow herself, she says to me…….

“We hope that people understand that we love boobs and it’s not meant in an objectifying way- it’s a celebration of womanly charms. We only feature girls that submit photos for the feature- all sizes, all shapes. We love it all! You don’t have to be a pinup model or have professional photos. We think women should love their bodies and be proud of them! We have great respect and admiration for the ladies.”

Most important to the Guardians of TOAU, they do not tolerate any derogatory comments at all and they have yet to delete any comments or block any user.

The second part of TOAU is the connection to their big sister page A page geared more to the Professional platform and it runs a contest that is based on fun and fairness no matter your genre of Pin Up style.. As read in their page description it is their “Mission to provide a fun & fair Pinup Contest environment that embraces and celebrates all types of pinup modeling. Our judging will be based upon the merits of the submitted photos and will NOT be a popularity contest based on the number of ‘likes’. will not tolerate any disparaging treatment or rude comments to any of its participants.

Yay for fairness and equal opportunity..

As for my adventure..

One of the greatest things coming into the Pin Up culture was the acceptance from other girls. I have always appreciated that beauty comes in many different forms. For me the consistent is seeing in a woman’s eyes how she is feeling about herself.

Being offered this opportunity made me feel quite special and super excited. As I love sharing the Pin Up girls I come across on FB land, I felt I was being recognized. I discovered Pin Up later than allot of other dolls, between my age and my sight I have felt is necessary to do as much as I can now. I have been collecting mental images for when I might not be able to look back at the photographic ones.

I myself have an ample bosom yet have never shown or flashed it about, My Heidi dress is probably the most cleavage put out there and so to look at pictures of woman in control of themselves and being most comfortable in their skin is very attractive and desirable to me.

Going through my collection of photos to see what I could put together I very soon discovered I did not have anything that came close to what might be considered a good ol’ cheeky shot..

My first attempt of my photos received a very bland review from my husband whom is quite the Boob guy and has given me quite the education over the past 10 years of our marriage.. He said your shots look nice, yet you can do better. Next thing I know he is researching pictures on the internet to give examples of what and how I should style myself.

My second attempt was in the yard, he happened to pick up the camera and so this time I went full out the opposite direction, shirt off trying to hold my over flowing handfuls all while keeping a demure look on my face and wonder how to make my body look all sexy and stuff..

Once reviewing the pictures I decided that was a fail too. How was I going to come up with a few enticing photos? Not over the top sex pot yet enough to give a little more lift to the eye brow when looking at them. It got to the point that any time I was in make up I was getting obsessed with trying to get the perfect shot yet all I really wanted to do was turn up my booby volume and with their size I was getting lost in them..

At the end of the day I came to the conclusion that we all package ourselves a little differently and this is what makes us eye candy. It is what comes from with in a person, what shines bright enough to be caught by film.

I adore the message of the Unicorns. It is really about embracing who you are and in my case having a cute time while doing it.. xx

Check out my FB Page for tantalizing photo’s in the “Tits on a Unicorn” Photo Album.. >.<