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14th Annual Ladysmith Show n’ Shine 

Last weekend was the 14th Annual Ladysmith Show n’ Shine and I had the great fortune of arriving in style. 

I was excited to attend this show as I had heard a lot of great things as it is set in the small town of Ladysmith, BC and the main drag is closed to host the cars that line the street. 

Early in the morning I would meet up with the Dirty Devils Rat Rod Car Club and ride with Janice other wise known as Ruby Rogers. 

The club has a central meeting point and rolling in to meet everyone was my first true interaction with the group. I have not had many opportunities in my life to ride in a vehicle pre-1960’s so I soaked it up. 

Photo by Dan Dertien

Janice owns and drives her 1949 International KB2 pickup Rat Rod. As the convoy rolled into Ladysmith everyone we stopped and checked in with was kind and familiar with the Dirty Devils Rat Rod Club. 

The club was parked together and set up their booth. The club sells merchandise such as tanks, t-shirts, hoodies and stickers. Trophies won from previous shows were displayed and the group settled in to signing registration papers. 

The ladies and I had a yummy homemade breakfast at Renee’s. 

We then proceeded to take part in a Poker Walk up and down the Main Street of Ladysmith. We were given a specific list of local businesses we would enter. We would exchange tickets for playing cards and the point was to make a good poker hand to win a draw. 

It was a good social experience and gave us the opportunity to see what local businesses had to sell and I know the girls came away with a few purchases. 

I was also very impressed with the attendance of onlookers. The crowd seemed to have a lot of out of town visitors yet there were many happy people strolling the street and enjoying the day and the rides. 

Our good friend Dan Dertien was present capturing all of the show with his keen perspective as a true automotive lover. 

Photo by Dan Dertien

This is for sure a show to mark on your calendar for next year. 

Photo by Dan Dertien

All of my additional Car images can be viewed on my FB Page or I strongly encourage you to seek Dan’s images on the Vancouver Island Hot Rods website 

Air Ink – Matt Michaluk

One of the many romantic concepts of the car culture I enjoy is honouring the traditions of the past.

Photo by Dwayne Carson

As we explore new ideas through builds by way of speed and design we will always reference the past in one shape or form.

Photo by Matt Michaluk

Pinstriping is a classic example, this art form is the medium of painting lines to draw attention, embellish and highlight the shapes or forms of a vehicle. 
Photo by Matt Michaluk
Pinstriping’s history started before the running engine and today remains a sought out detail to embellish ones ride desired by car enthusiasts.

Photo by Adrien Wagner
Liquorice my Little KIA Soul has been my source of pride and freedom because she helps keep my blog alive by transporting me to events and adventures here on Vancouver Island.

It was only a matter of time for Liquorice to earn her stripes and to have her name properly displayed.

The art of pinstriping is something I have admired for as long as I can remember, it was appropriate now that I honour the tradition too.

I believe here on the Island we are very lucky to have very technically skilled Tradesmen, Craftsmen and Artists close at hand. What always sets these people apart is their passion.

Photo by Matt Michaluk
I was grateful when my path crossed with Matt. As you can see for yourself we have a real solid contributor to our community. How lucky are we…!

Photo by Adrien Wagner
Wether you know Matt in person or not you will undoubtedly know his work as his hand has touched many surfaces.

Photo submitted by Matt Michaluk
For Liquorice, I left all creative licence to Matt with simple direction of names and he went straight to working his magic.

I am really thrilled with the end results and super happy to see the different items Matt has striped.

At the recent Grease, Gears and Grooves event Matt was set up doing on the spot work like this 5420 for Christian Dobell, lead Guitarist and Singer for the The Hell Katz.

Photo by Christian Donell
Matt also did the custom paint and striping of the prize fridge and bench for the events raffle and the prizes for the Car show, both which were hosted by Vancouver Island Chapter of The Roadmen Car Club.

Photo by Gary Keay
It does not matter what you own yet beauty is often found in the details, so may I suggest getting Matt to detail something for you.

Photo by Next Level Audio
Air Ink (250)591.0250