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Darling Dames, Retro Leopard Stud Earrings

Darling Dames, Retro Leopard Stud Earrings.

For a girl who adores Leo Print I came to realize I don’t own a lot to account for that love. I have decided it is time to change this and start building my collection and the Retro leopard stud earrings at Darling Dames was the best place to start.

These fashion earrings are made in the shape of a heart with the leopard print center detailed with rhinestones. The backings that come with the earrings have larger backs so the earrings sit nicely on your ear.


The earrings are a nice size and the shape being a heart is flattering to the jaw line/bone. They have a very vintage look and once I put my leopard dress on I was quite thrilled how the two came together.

I found them to be the purrr-fect addition to my collection and do believe I will get a fair amount of wear from them.


These earrings came from Darling Dames, an on-line shop.


I came across their FB Page first and then I realized the Page was one of their social media platforms. I decided to go window shopping and found myself captured by a few items on the site.

I have often said that my purchasing experience is as important as the product I am acquiring. Owner Jessica was an absolute Doll and was willing to move heaven and earth to ensure my items were going to meet my needs.

She tells me the on-line store is growing and new merchandise is being added. Jessica has a background in Retail and Merchandising and Darling Dames was established in 2011 as a small physical retail shop in Taylor, Texas and has since moved on-line to reach a greater clientele.


Darling Dames boutique is a small start up that’s desire is to cater to woman whose style is strongly influenced by current fashion trends and to provide them a moderately priced product trendy product in return. Darling Dames strives to meet concise customer service standards and it shows. You always want to return as a client when you are appreciated and treated like gold.


I would highly recommend checking out their site and.. xx





Betsy goes for a ride via TGS Contracting.

TGS Contracting Hauling Betsy to the Beauty Shop

Winters are bad in our neck of the woods and after purchasing Betsy my 54 Two Ten Chevy wagon she had to stay on the coast where she was purchased until we could come up with a plan.

Spring is in the air and time to get Betsy rolling our first initial source to haul Betsy to Edmonton would fall through and we were left searching for someone else in loo of my husband trying to haul her on his own.

Through a FB Group we were contacted about TGS Contracting and that they would be able to help us out in our predicament.  With an enclosed trailer no one was sure that Betsy was going to fit.  Tony the owner of TGS went to where Betsy currently sits to measure her to make sure she would be good to go.

As we are on the other side of the Province this was incredible to us and we sincerely appreciated this action as we need her to be hauled. All worked out and she will fit.

This Friday Betsy will be picked up and delivered to the shop, where she will be brought back to a state in which she can pass our Provincial inspection for insurance and registry purposes.

After she is registered we plan to take her back to the shop to get her “ Dolled” up in time for next years VIVA where we intent to road trip down to Las Vegas in her.

Friday came and it was a big day for me as it is my scheduled town day, between trying to get out the door and the excitement of news on her pick up I am surprised I did not forget one of the kids in my whirlwind.

Pictures were posted on TGS’s FB Page early in the morning of her strapped in the enclosed and heading to Edmonton.  When I saw those I knew it was all finally coming together and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.


A big thanks goes out to TGS Contracting and if your looking for hauling within Canada I would recommend their services..!xx

Haul a Haulb

My first LEO hair candy.. xx


If you were to come to my home it would be of no surprise to you I adore animal print. My favourite are cat prints such as leopard, there are many variations available yet I tend to stick to more classic realistic prints.

With my train case full of hair flowers there are many repeats, several whites, blacks and reds to choose from yet I always have missed out on one particular flower.

After a little divine intervention, I found out someone on my FB friends list lived relatively close to me, ok more like 8 + hours yet still seemed closer than most.

After discussions of a mutually shared enjoyed shop I noted a Leo hair flower posted on her page and I had to have it. What were the chances, turns out this was a new business and I had to get in.

Lindy decided it was time to make something more of her crafting hobby and turn it into a home based business. As she received numerous compliments time and time again so she decided why not try her hand at it and I say a job well done.

I was so excited when I received my parcel in the mail and took my time opening it.
The next town day could not come soon enough for me to wear my new hair candy.


All the personal standards I like to have met were exceeded when I received this flower, the parcel was well packed and the item was safe in bubble wrap. With in the bubble wrap was a nicely styled wrap and the flower was constructed very well with attention to detail.


Lindy was very personable during the process and as I waited for my flower I enjoyed watching her latest creations pop up on my news feed.


Lindy’s Snickerdoodles Hair Accessories and More! The name says it all.


Her product suits a wide age range and you can easily find a little something for any girl or lady you know. xx






ROWENA Pinups & Pals Contest 2013

Ask me what I adore more than the Rockabilly culture, hands down it is animals.

Two years ago the clothing store Rowena in Edmonton Alberta hosted an on-line photo contest to bring awareness to the Edmonton Humane Society. This was my first contest I had ever entered and closest to my heart.

Pin Dot Heidi

As I live on a farm with horses and other smaller critters animal care is a priority to us and is part of my daily lifestyle. Care is more than a four letter word to me as I made a commitment to these animals not only to love them, provide food, shelter and clean water as well as to home them in the best surroundings I can for the entirety of their lives.

If you have read any of my posts on my site or seen posted pictures on my FB Page you would know animal welfare and the relationship between man and animal are near and dear to me. I have a new age type of philosophy in regards to animals, their intelligence, spirit and ability to remain connected to a desire of offering un-conditional love, no matter the predicaments that had preceded them.

We know this first hand with our much loved dog Murray whom we brought home from our local shelter last Christmas. He was found in a barn with 40 other dogs tied up. As he is a senior he had been in the shelter for several months as puppies are the first to get re-homed as they have the cuteness factor.

Murray had something else we desired and his age was an asset to us. In the year Murray has been with us I have learned much about his capacity for trust and love. We do not know his full story and probably never will.


With his exposure to many dogs he has had to trust that the kids and our larger animals meant him no harm and this year we introduced a rescued kitten to our menagerie of animals that was bred to be used as live target practice.

When you let go of the past and stay in this current moment animals have a chance for recovery, rehabilitation or rescue as long as we do not hold on to these old images of them. It is time to give animals a greater respect.

Since this is the second contest for Rowena I decided to do something a little different, I wanted my photo to have a greater impact and awareness for the animals and for this I exchange this blog for votes/likes.

That’s right, read the blog post and don’t vote for me. This is an endeavour for the animals and let’s get the word out, its time to change our attitude of animals and their relationship to us and maybe we can start to change perceptions and an all too often scenario that plays out for some animals in their lifetime.

For this post I will be referring to the Edmonton Humane Society where a donation will be made by Rowena’s on behalf of the contest winner. Regardless where you are located you can google animal humane societies in your area to find ways you can help locally if you so wish.


This is a very thorough site which was well designed and offers a lot of information. It is important to know the Edmonton Humane Society is not affiliated with ANY other; not the Alberta SPCA, or the Canadian SPCA, they are solely on their own.

A couple of facts that floored me were that, it costs $6.6 million dollars to run the EHS every year! People’s donations make up 40% of the help they receive so this means EVERY dollar counts.

In Alberta when donating to a registered charity you can claim a % of what you donated in your income tax. I have attached a screen shot of a pamphlet found on-line from the Govt. of AB regarding charitable donations.

Edmonton Humane Societies Charitable Number 11923-1066 RR0001

There are many ways to support animal rescue and recovery, on the EHS website was a Wish list of sorts of the items that are needed in order to care and rehabilitate such a Pet food, Pet care items, Maintenance items such as zip ties and toothbrushes. The link below will take you directly to the page and what is needed.

Wish List

Don’t have money yet you have time, although this page is titled for the kids I still think anyone can do these even if you are in a team environment you could do one of these as a cause.

Kids can help too.. Simple easy ways to help

I really felt connected to the EHS vision statement and felt it would be something we should all aspire towards.

Vision Statement

The Edmonton Humane Society leads the community in elevating peoples’ beliefs, attitudes and behaviours to enhance the quality of life for companion animals.

We as a race have a lot of power and control of choice and we have to make better choices when it comes to our animal friends. There is a plethora of ways an animal can find its way in need and I can assure you it is probably through no fault of their own.

Animals are not great gifts, they are cute as babies and they grow up. During this time one requires knowledge, time and space to handle what may arise just like raising a child. You will get out of an animal what you put into it and one should never conceive the gift of an animal/human relationship as something temporary.

Blessed are we, whom know the true love one receives from an animal. Let no man then cast that animal aside.

We owe a good life to all animals that walk along side us on earth whether they are small or tall, furry or scaly.

As there was much to see on the website I wanted to highlight and share one more piece and this relates to weather in both cold and warm climates. Although we are into Spring and I still have snow, as harmful as the cold can be, so is the heat.

Weather Guidelines

Thank you for taking the time to read this and enjoy all the great pictures that are being posted for the contest. My photo was picked through the help of my FB Page Fans. xx
Buckwheat and BmB





Provocouture by Ashley Lett

Provocouture by Ashley Lett, Grande Prairie Alberta


Fashion provides us with such a powerful medium to express one’s self.  To be afforded the ability to access and own a custom creation that personifies your personality is a great gift.  Custom couture wear that is assessable can be a rare find.

If you subscribe to a current look or even a retro styling to look fabulous and live in a smaller town or city centre leads you to endless hours of on-line shopping or trying to create your own deal.  A lot of us girls can only dream of the opportunity to be quaffed and dressed in the finest and as of recent I have learned if you live in or near Grande Prairie, Alberta you’re in luck.

Provocouture is making a name for itself here in Alberta yet already came to town with owner Ashley Lett being front and center in the design/fashion scene in Toronto.  Ashley has rubbed shoulders with some of the finest and has had some of our well known Canadians come to her to be dressed in her fashions.


Provocouture’s web space states; Provocouture offers a wide selection of ready-made clothing and lingerie, custom made to measure Grad, Bridal and Special Occasion, as well as a wide variety of sewing services all of which are created in our in-house industrial manufacturing retail studio. As we use all Industrial equipment and have extensive design and manufacturing background we are able to quickly and efficiently deliver the highest quality products and services with the best customer service.

What an amazing opportunity to have her in our own backyard.


I myself found the “About” page on her website very informative about the path of her career.  As I am not sure I could write it better please take a look.  You will learn how her work ethic, amazing talent and grades during her education placed her in valuable and limited opportunities moving her from Edmonton to Toronto.
Since returning to Grande Prairie Ashley has her own shop fron in the heart of town.  Her range of creative wearable’s are breath taking, specializing in custom wears to ready wear.  I caught up in an article written about Ashley that she is still connected to her punk roots and appreciates incorporating these elements into her designs when she can.

She wants to be assessable to her clients which I admire.


As I researched Ashley and Provocouture on-line I would find a magazine she is producing about the local fashion scene featuring other artists, photographers and industry retailers.  Such a smart and obvious asset when an industry is small and growing it is a great resource to knowing whom is who.

Her latest show case is the debut of her burlesque lingerie collection in Edmonton. Sunday March 24th, 2013 Provocouture Studios will be showing in conjunction with the very popular Salon Showcase Evening at Western Canada Fashion Week. This is a great opportunity to been seen and recognised at a fun evening and see some amazing talent.

I know I will be going in for a consultation as there is a particular retro dress I have been looking for and I feel I might have to have it made on my behalf.  I am willing to spend a couple of extra dollars knowing this dress will be cut and sewn to my exact measurements and details.


Turn around time for Ashley’s dresses looks reasonable as well as her pricing scale.  It’s not everyday you can say you have your own piece of couture. xx


Even if you are not in the Peace Country I would still look into Ashley’s work, there is something special and unique about her. I do believe she is a real asset to the fashion community of Grande Prairie and I look forward to seeing what new she comes up with.


10001-101 Avenue #209
Grande Prairie, Alberta  T8V 0X9

(780) 933-2724

Rowena’s Exclusive Heidi #2…!

Rowena's 2nd exclusiveThe day after I saw the Exclusive PUG Heidi in black with white polka dots another Exclusive PUG Heidi showed up in my FB news feed. She was a white background with black polka dots and black trim.

Oh no..!! What is this girl supposed to do?

This Exclusive dress is being featured by Rowena in Edmonton AB and on-line . Fantastic as this is my first stop in shopping..!

Simply I had to have her..! She has been much desired and often dreamt about colour pattern. See when you have a collection of dresses made from the same style yet different colours you start to day dream on what colours you would want to see next.

So you see I just could hardly believe my luck. Here she was for real; I was gob-smacked..!

I have said it before I am a reformed all black wearer although I do find myself falling back into this habit during the winter months when I am not wearing dresses.

What I was head over heels about the black polka dot on white background is that it added to a completely different look that is fresh and fun. I found it to be cheeky and cheery and felt this dress was going to be appropriate for an ample amount of wearing opportunities.

Honestly years before I would not have looked twice with the white on black and now I would have taken it as first pick. The white is very crisp and clean and the dress has a very striking eye catching quality that will have you stand out in the purrr-fect way.

There is lots of flexibility to play with how you style your dress as it does come with a white belt you can easily swap it for black or red to match shoes, cardigans and crinolines. I stayed with white and black for my initial try on yet my next wear I am going for the red..!

With every new dress you say this is my new favourite yet this one has really won first place..!

P.S Please excuse the wrinkles and crinkles in the dress, I simply could not wait and put her on straight from the delivery package.. xx



Blame Betty’s Exclusive Black and White Polka Dot Heidi

Winter is here in my neck of the woods so new dresses and pretty things hold off until spring. It is to cold to wear dresses and my attention is condensed and more focused on the horses needs.

All of the fore mentioned soon went out the window when I saw her come up in my news feed. There was another Exclusive PUG Heidi and this time being sold through Blame Betty in Calgary, AB.

I was thrown off track that morning and found myself distracted about the news.

This Heidi was all black with white polka dots and black belt. The advertising pictures would show a range of ladies wearing her and they all looked fabulous..!

My hunny suggested I get her and so this would inspire my first purchase from Blame Betty as well as my first online purchase. It was very easy to register to the site and complete the purchase of this Heidi. I was able to choose a shipping option and my dress arrived on the date it was forecasted to arrive.

I am not sure about other girls when you get a package such as a dress in the post you must try it on. Even with the minus temps and the wind kicking up something good I wanted to get outside and get a couple of snaps wearing it.

I am always a fan of black and white and I really adore this print as I can swap out my crinoline colours and shoes to make for a different look. I really am excited for spring now so I can really wear her.

I would pick one up for yourself before stock is low. I am not sure if they are one run stock so you don’t want to miss your chance to own one of these lovelies for yourself.. xx

Super cute

Zombies are the best in snow