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In case things change around here?! xx

I AM a creature of change.  There for I LOVE new and fresh, changing things up, finding a new way about being, looking and feeling.  I have credited this attribute to enabling me to meet and experience life in an open minded way.

After receiving my Pinup art by Becca Whitaker which is a big marker for Boss Mare Betty I decided it was time to change the home base a little bit.

Although I have not figured out how to measure what traffic I have here on the website and with all the behind the scenes info I receive to boost and promote FB posts I am keenly aware that FB will soon have a dramatic change for small independents like myself.

I am driven by my writings and thoughts here on my web space and FB was a platform to share this work on. 

I can see a time coming where what you see on my FB page will change, not necessarily because I want it to yet I will have to reinvent in order to work with the limitations of the site rules.

So here on my soap box, my super cute corner of the inter-web land, I might not update with the regular showing of fabulous eye candy on the scale you see on FB YET this is the true intimate space and connection of Boss Mare Betty.

So WELCOME to the NEW style of my website. I like this format because it now shows all of my posts.  As long as you keep scrolling down you will continue to see my posts which are a collaboration of reviews, journaling about life with our horses on the farm, current events and what may come my way.   

Boss Mare Betty has offered me many unexpected adventures, introduced me to you all and I appreciate the great feedback and participation I have received over the years and I look forward to what ever the future holds and what I will be sharing with you.. xx


Becca’s Bombshells: The Pin-up Art of Becca Whitaker

It has been a defining year for me and I have had a lot of growth with Boss Mare Betty, not only in numbers and fans yet from what I have learned about myself.

This year came with new changes for me, I took on home-schooling my two boys, my time became even more controlled and in the same hand I seemed to take on more and more.

It was time to take Betty to the next level.

If there is one thing I do know about myself is that I am a very visual person, I really adore all kinds of art mediums and am truly enticed and appreciate looking at things that appeal to me.

I have such an abstract way of thinking and I have allot of bigger than life ideas how things might look, it is hard to take a camera picture to encompass all that Betty represents to me in one image.

It came to me since I am not in an environment that Professional photography is an option for me that I should seek an alternative medium to represent Betty’s image.

This is when I was introduced to, Becca’s Bombshells: The Pin-up Art of Becca Whitaker

The art was clean, very well done and regardless of how much was going on in a picture, such as background, small details of tattoos the pieces were not cluttered or complicated.

I was so hooked..!

Becca has been sought out and drawn gorgeous creatures and the most popular and noted Pin-up’s.

Becca is lovely, warm and receptive and I felt safe sharing my ideas and that she would do the best to represent me. As I did not have great reference material for the collaboration I was looking for I knew I was throwing her a challenge and I knew she would be up for it.

One of the key players in my drawing is not even complete yet and we are excited to use Becca’s rendering as a goal to work towards in regards to Betsy my 54 Chevy Two-Ten wagon.

I found it easy to communicate my desires and Becca was super professional and friendly with me through the process.  After sharing my ideas of what I wanted to have included for sure I sent some reference material and Becca said she would get back to me with a general sketch.

Can you say super excited and I was not sure how I was going to wait.

Nearing the completion of the image I got to put in my 2 cents regarding a couple of details that tickled me pink yet I am still in awe how well this image has come together.

I am really glad I went this route and I look forward to the ways I can share this image with others.

If you are in the market to be re-created or you are interested in purchasing this style of imagery check out Becca’s Page, you will be glad you did.. xx


BmB by Becca W