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My 40/50’s Hollywood Education.

I have always been good at recognizing images as I am a very visual person, yet getting older and the help of the internet making information easier to attain I have been taking it a step further when it comes to the things that catch my fancy.


I recently took on a project posting images of Actors and Actresses from the 40’s and 50’s with quotes or small biographies for a FB Page. My keen eye and wanting to complete a story was going to serve me well here in this task.


What a difference in perspective I would soon have from learning the whole story of these people, isn’t that the case in life really, knowing all the details and complexities gives you a better understanding as a whole?

To start with I had to record 200 names to lined paper and start going through the list and gathering quotes and photos to match. No copy and paste was going to work here I was going to honour each person I featured first through the physical stroke of my pen ingesting their essence in preparation to present them.

I would quickly discover this would keep me on my toes trying to discern if the quotes are actually authentic and finding pictures that are not considered mainstream.

For a couple of the well known Actors/Actresses I was surprised in what they were quoted by saying.  Some I could relate directly too, while others you could tell were from a completely different time.

The most famous of the famous were indeed that as their words would inspire generations and transpire through the ages touching us, making us feel that person was maybe in fact speaking directly to us.

I am highly critical of myself for what ever I put out there into the big world and I find this responsibility to be none the less.  Especially when an Actor/Actress has not garnished the fame or legend response some of the more beautiful or popular people from the times did.  Tracking down their quotes can be daunting yet I am still determined to find their voice.

I do believe we have always carried a romanticised image of this time gone by, almost a response we have naturally as humans is to long for the past, a time we will never get back.

I have appreciated this project and the unknowing education it has offered me.  I have also appreciated the window it has opened to give me a taste of whom these people may have really been, rather than just seeing their image.

James Dean was one of the people that really gave me a good talking too through his quotes, I felt him in his words and he appealed to my senses as he was an unknowing advocate for animals and he spoke simple yet powerful words of truth. My favourite quote by him is “Only the gentle are ever truly strong”

James Dean


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