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REVREV Pin-up Pageant 2013

I have entered a Pin-up Pageant..!

I need your help..xx

I have entered my very first Pin-up Pageant, to be held live July 20th in Edmonton Alberta Canada..!

The fun part to the REVREV Pin-up Pageant is there is an on-line component and YOU can help no matter where you are located by voting for me.. Xx

If you follow me on FB or read my blog here you may know I am a stay at home mum of three. I document my experiences living in Northern British Columbia as my personal style is very unique to my area and I am a Pin-up in the middle of the country.

I might be perceived as a contradiction yet once you get to know me it all makes sense.

Entering the REVREVPin-up Pageant  is what I call a perspective expanding experience for me. I am pushing my boundaries and limitations I had once conceived of myself.

You can vote daily by going to the REVREV Blog and finding my name in the Poll Box at the too left corner of your screen.

If you are on a mobile device please scroll to the bottom of the Page and click “view web version” once the Page reloads the Poll Box will appear on the top left corner.

I have one month and I am excited. I know that every time I have successfully gone out there and done the unexpected I am rewarded in ways I cannot imagine.





The SWAG has arrived, the CONTEST rules are HERE..xx

Well the good stuff has arrived and I have started addressing envelopes..!

We are 2 likes away from 1500 Likes and the contest part of the give-away is about to begin.

To enter the contest to win the Boss Mare Betty Tote filled with goodies you need to submit a photo of “Where I would put my Boss Mare Betty Sticker” this will qualify you to receive a BmB sticker and is your entry to the contest.

You have until 8pm Sunday June 2nd to get your photo submitted to the Page (via message or post to my wall) Once received your picture will be added to the album ‘Who wants a sticker I DO I DO’ then it’s up to you to promote your picture..xx

To WIN the Tote is simple; the photo with the most likes by 8pm, Sunday June 9th will win.  So share your photo that is within the album with your friends. Tote will be sent to the winner June 14th, 2013. (In case of tie, the contest close time will be extended by 30mins)

Thank you for being apart of fun..! Good luck..! 




Who wants a BmB sticker..?! I DO I DO…!

When I hit 1000 likes on my FB Page I really wanted to do something that was positive and inclusive for my fans rather than limiting and exclusive.  One of my favourite things is to collect logo stickers.  My collection stems mainly from tattoo companies yet I have many.

I decided I would make stickers to celebrate my recent cover photo by Becca Whitaker by offering them in appreciation of you all as a first step in a 2 part give-away/ contest.

Once I reach 1500 fans I will start sending stickers out..!

Since I would most likely be sending these stickers across the world I really wanted to make sure you were a fan and you did indeed want one so I made a pretty fun and simple rule.  In order to qualify you need to take a picture of where you are going to put your sticker.

Your creativity is useful to you in your picture, you can include yourself or not.  No naughty pictures as I am posting them all to a Photo Album on the Page. It’s simple your picture represents your sticker, so no photo, no sticker.

Once you have sent in your photo you can then message me your address where I am keeping track of them for sending time..xx

The second part of this give-away is the contest part for the people that took the time to take a picture.  We will vote through the accumulation of likes per picture and the winner wins a small prize pack of random cuteness that would be inspired by “living life in the cute lane”


Details for the contest will be listed at a later date as I am only accepting photos at this time.

I hope in the end once you all do receive your stickers you will post another of YOU and your Boss Mare Betty sticker.  You are such a GREAT bunch of people and I wanted to offer a little something back in appreciation for you choosing to like my Page.




To Contest or Not to Contest…?!

This is a question that I amuse to myself, off and on.


First, I am not really sure what I would offer as a prize?


I then reflect on this.

I feel as if the likes that I receive on my FB Page or here on the site are due to a sincere appreciation for what you have read or seen.  I don’t want to pervert the experience because of solicitation, a lure, baiting or offering of a prize; it kind of goes against the authenticity of these mediums.


YET I am close to 1000 likes on my Page and I would like to do something for you all as appreciation of my Page.


Problem is I don’t want to isolate anyone either.

I feel what I offer is far reaching as I encompass a few subjects that are near and dear to me and how you find your way here depends on what appealed to you.


I have seen Pages offering fan of the Month and even then I cannot come to judging whom is the greatest fan as you might appreciate your experience just as much if not more than another with out cause to comment and so what basis do I have to vote or pick.


What it is I do, or why you would want to subscribe to my on-line offerings can be as I said before varied.  The typical of my genres I don’t fit into so again I am not sure if one would want anything custom from me.


I do appreciate all who have come to my on-line locations, regardless if you have made your presence known or not.  You all deserve a prize..xx

Maybe once I am at 1000 I will do something fun..!