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My first LEO hair candy.. xx


If you were to come to my home it would be of no surprise to you I adore animal print. My favourite are cat prints such as leopard, there are many variations available yet I tend to stick to more classic realistic prints.

With my train case full of hair flowers there are many repeats, several whites, blacks and reds to choose from yet I always have missed out on one particular flower.

After a little divine intervention, I found out someone on my FB friends list lived relatively close to me, ok more like 8 + hours yet still seemed closer than most.

After discussions of a mutually shared enjoyed shop I noted a Leo hair flower posted on her page and I had to have it. What were the chances, turns out this was a new business and I had to get in.

Lindy decided it was time to make something more of her crafting hobby and turn it into a home based business. As she received numerous compliments time and time again so she decided why not try her hand at it and I say a job well done.

I was so excited when I received my parcel in the mail and took my time opening it.
The next town day could not come soon enough for me to wear my new hair candy.


All the personal standards I like to have met were exceeded when I received this flower, the parcel was well packed and the item was safe in bubble wrap. With in the bubble wrap was a nicely styled wrap and the flower was constructed very well with attention to detail.


Lindy was very personable during the process and as I waited for my flower I enjoyed watching her latest creations pop up on my news feed.


Lindy’s Snickerdoodles Hair Accessories and More! The name says it all.




Her product suits a wide age range and you can easily find a little something for any girl or lady you know. xx






Need the Mother of Invention..

I was never a big on-line shopper; I am a person that likes to touch a product before I commit to a purchase and have the freedom to shop around before I make my mind up.


Shopping via the internet seemed a bit too risky, one too many steps and then a couple taken away where I needed them.  It took moving up North and not allot of choice to make me change my mind.


I am still by no means 100% comfortable and convinced, yet where I shop plays a big part in my shopping avenues.


I feel the greatest place to shop are the home based businesses that are conjured and created by Mum’s.  Knowing that when you make the purchase not only are you receiving yet you are giving.  You do not just receive an item you receive an imprint of one’s creative self/spirit.


I fully believe in tuning into that creative thread no matter the capacity or medium and doing what you can.  There was a time I ran a very successful specified mobile horse grooming service born from the need and that no one else was doing it.


This changed my perspective and I decided it was time to stop giving my money to the big box stores because I knew first hand how payment of services directly affected my family.


Some of the best purchases of my hand made bits and bobs were from home based businesses on-line.  As long as I can find a way to get my currency to them I really do get excited waiting on the mail.


I have had the good fortune of making friendships with these ladies and finding woman that know their creative niche.  Some of my hand made pieces are superior to what I have purchased in retail and are in high quality.  Maybe it is the love they are assembled with, maybe it is the knowing put into the crafted item that the time is honoured in an in measurable way.


I have often found that these items are sent to me wrapped in pride.


I have purchased from all of the following businesses and would highly recommend seeking out their goods and tell them the Boss Mare sent you.. xx








Giftpferd Hair Accessories




Handmade by Girl Afraid




KEWL Nailz




Kristi Mac Farlane Photography




Lindy’s Snickerdoodles




Rude & Reckless




Triple Kustom 7





It’s all in the Details..xx

I had been dressing in a Pin-up flavour for sometime, always wearing a hair flower and skirt. It was the girly touches, the details that were embracing the feminine beauty of being a woman.

I came across this quote and it was then I understood and felt a deeper sense of connection.

This is assessable to us all.. xx

*What inspires me most about Pin Ups*

Is that any woman of any

shape, size, nationality, age, income level, kids/no kids, education level,

is allowed to feel Beautiful and Glamorous

Because they are…..

~Sorelle, Pin Up Passion


Triple Kustom 7

Triple 7 Kustom


It was a good day when I found Triple 7 Kustom’s FB Page.. A business that has a focus on accessories such as hair flowers, hair clips, bobby pins and ..OmG sweater chains..!

I find the best places by “like” lurking, when you go through strangers likes and check out pages.. I am always on the hunt for something new or different that I have not seen..

I especially like to purchase from small personal businesses and I prefer to purchase jewellery and the like because I do not have to worry so much if it will fit.. So finding Triple 7 Kustom was great..

A few things appealed to me about the page and what kept my interest was the layout of the page and albums.. I was really impressed with the pictures of the product, how the product is displayed and price points of product..

The best part though is the “Kustom” album, where you can participate in the creation of your own accessories..

I can tell you I had been looking for sweater chains for sometime, I like wearing cardigans and shrugs with my Pin up dresses and with my ample chest sometimes closing them up is not an easy feat or better yet does not look so pretty..

Once I hit the kustom album I was hooked for sure and even now after receiving my first order I can tell you I will be back to order more.. The kustom album clearly marks what embellishments are compatible with which fasteners. There is allot of selection and not just flowers, there is something for everyone..

I ordered a small hair flower to match a dress I have and then 2 sweater chains.. A kustom Hello Kitty and a Kustom Bat.. Knowing there could be something in the post was super exciting.. Can you imagine how happy I was when I opened my mail box and saw my pink parcel calling to me..

I could not wait as I sat in the car I was so excited to open it..! With my daughter Hudson we were giddy with anticipation and squealed when we saw the additional pieces in the parcel.. A bit of a back story, Triple 7 Kustom had a contest and my daughter did her computer magic to a couple of pictures of me making it look like I was wearing the merchandise we were now looking at.

After bouncing in our seats I said to Hudson how impressed I was with the quality of the items and the packaging, I then promptly put the Hello Kitty Sweater chain on..

It was really nice to be in town on a windy day and not worrying about adjusting my sweater all day.. Not only cute, these chains are functional.. When I was home I switched over my colours and went to town with the gifted little red bows which I will be getting in pink..

Owner/ Operator Megan Reviczky is a doll, she was quick to respond to my messages and got my order together in a timely fashion..

I highly recommend checking out her page and whether you have someone you would purchase for or if you like something for you, I know you won’t be disappointed.. ❤