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Inter-web connections..

You know when you have one of those proper inspiring random conversations that leave you with a spring in your step and a metaphorical pat on your back..?  It’s these sparkly glittery moments that are better than any sweet or candy, like a warm embrace from a loved one you are enveloped in a feeling of belonging and knowing.

I have never really been one to do as everyone else, I spent many years ‘frustrated’ that I was different and no matter how I tried to fit I didn’t and so I also slowly started to resign from society.

Once I was able to embrace my different, I started to emerge back into the world, opening up a bit more.  Shining bright rather than diminishing myself to suit other peoples needs, wants or desires.  So I began to soften, in the past year the sun shines brighter, I am less bitter, I have left fear behind me and I am willing to take risks.

The further I travel on this road the more I discover there is a group of people around me that unknown to me have very similar life plans/beliefs.  Every so often when the moment is just right they share things that touch me profoundly.

The second part to this magical map of mystery is that I have never met most of these people in my physical person and may unfortunately never have such the pleasure as I have connected literally through the inter-web to places, spaces and beyond.

From one point of the world to the other I have had the greatest of fortunes to have met and now call these online people my friends.  It is a constant reminder that although we may not be able to see one’s physical mannerisms, to touch flesh or see eye to eye our inner essence can shine so brightly that we can still in fact connect.

I have always had a hard time connecting to people in my physical self, I find it is much easier for me to carry myself through the dance of my fingers as the typed words play across keyboard of my expression and connection, rather than by my own tongue and voice.

In fact I do believe that you truly know me through this medium, better than you would ever if you met me in person.



Letting go.

The black and white of the equestrian world runs deeply from the backyard hobbyist to the Elite professional.  There is a way one abides to the rules, the rules of equine ownership.

I guess that is where I am already turned off, I know that the horses that are apart of our herd are in a sense perceived as being owned.  It seems that human nature has to possess things to establish some sort of seen value.  Yet to me the very word owning a horse is so repulsive.  For what I love and adore most about horses is the very thing that we try to take from a horse, their spirit and freedom through ownership.  With their grace, size and beauty no matter what predicament this 4 legged creature finds itself in the human can never truly possess their essence.

With possession we naturally lack respect, I think it is easy to use the word like a child whom has figured out a cadence of spewing out the word sorry trying to find their boundaries with in a parent who does not place them.


Of course we respect the horse and yet we show our love and respect by doing the most unnatural of things to them.  With in the same breath of announcing our love, our passion we assert our desire onto them and expect them to conform to our ways with out true regard for their needs and desires.

I feel we like to think on their behalves, we get caught up in purchasing things in an attempt to display the quality of merchandise we adorn them in rather than the quality of the horse’s mental state of being.

We have perverted so many aspects of horses reality, we have mare’s birthing foals that are being taken so quickly, basic imprinting skills from Dam to foal is notably being bred out of them.

Yet we are a society so heavily laden by consumption and commerce that to truly be able to understand would require the horse “owner” to understand that they are really a facilitator and be evolved enough to know the horse should come first.

Even I find myself in a situation where I know I cannot afford the horses the truest of freedom and the lifestyle most suited to their needs.  In a perfect world I would turn them loose and I would know that because of my relationship with my equine friends they would want to return and visit on their own, yet this will never happen and the saying if you love something set them free and if it is meant to be they will return cannot be applied here as that would be cruel.

My equine friends have become dependent on me, I have put them in a situation where I have to feed them and maintain their source of food and water, I control their turn out and what will happen to them in the days to come.

I have come to realize the burden and the dependency created, even if I could let them loose would they still remember.  Have we taken that away from them as well?

Like children we spend great amounts of time schooling them information from books that have become obsolete in this day and age with technology.  Instead of the truth and preparing them to care for themselves, setting priorities of being happy and healthy through balance we drum it out of them.  We tell them that your value is only because of your book smarts. Yet our spirits know this not to be the truth.

I certainly know this to be true since pulling my children out of conventional schooling and facilitating their work with them through Distance education.  The work load and time children spend in school is not really necessary I wonder if it was designed in order to work around the working classes schedule.

Even in my children I have noted a huge change in their stress levels and how they relate to each other since making the change, just as the horses did when my perspective changed of them as well.

A couple of years ago I made choices in my life to be left alone by society in general.  I needed the space, I had to hear that voice with in me not as a whisper yet loud and clear.

I always knew I would never go wrong by this voice and because of it I have come to learn much from the horses and my children, on a different more meaningful level of life.

As of recent I have started to re-emerge as my new self and I am strong in knowing my truth as I have walked the walk I feel I can talk the talk.  I am grateful for social media and the ability to put my words out there and be seen by people who need to read them.


I do not know what it will take for change of perspective in our world, I do see that my children are here to help make the difference as they only know what we do here and practice and love so tolerance of old ways is not accepted here.

I do know one day we all will get it and whether that is in the now or when you are departing this world we are all very deeply connected and in order to seek greater compassion for our society/world as a whole we have to take a look at the relationship we have with the animals and nature we share with here on earth.

We can no longer own it all.


Spirit connecting with the boys

To Contest or Not to Contest…?!

This is a question that I amuse to myself, off and on.


First, I am not really sure what I would offer as a prize?


I then reflect on this.

I feel as if the likes that I receive on my FB Page or here on the site are due to a sincere appreciation for what you have read or seen.  I don’t want to pervert the experience because of solicitation, a lure, baiting or offering of a prize; it kind of goes against the authenticity of these mediums.


YET I am close to 1000 likes on my Page and I would like to do something for you all as appreciation of my Page.


Problem is I don’t want to isolate anyone either.

I feel what I offer is far reaching as I encompass a few subjects that are near and dear to me and how you find your way here depends on what appealed to you.


I have seen Pages offering fan of the Month and even then I cannot come to judging whom is the greatest fan as you might appreciate your experience just as much if not more than another with out cause to comment and so what basis do I have to vote or pick.


What it is I do, or why you would want to subscribe to my on-line offerings can be as I said before varied.  The typical of my genres I don’t fit into so again I am not sure if one would want anything custom from me.


I do appreciate all who have come to my on-line locations, regardless if you have made your presence known or not.  You all deserve a prize..xx

Maybe once I am at 1000 I will do something fun..!