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A Morning on the Farm..


I roll over before the alarm goes off beating the obnoxious pulsing tone, I always think what a horrid way to start ones day.

I grab my hat and call Murray to be let out side; I try to balance myself while pulling up my snow pants. I leave them set on top of my boots like a fireman does after their last use to make it easier to slip into.

Jacket zipped I open the door as Murray pushes past and I take in a full breath of fresh air, looking forward I see the Chick.a.dee’s fluttering about the bird feeder and I hear Shurman whinny and greet me as he spies me on the deck.

The horses could not be any closer, there was a time I would have to drive for an hour and thirty minutes just to see them and now I simply walk 30 meters.

The boys standing in their paddocks present to me their perked ears and keen interest that I am heading into the barn to soon return with their morning hay.

I hear George our Rooster greeting the morning and establishing to all that can hear him that “He is the man”. As I get closer to the barn door the goats start crying as they two are looking forward to their morning feed.

As I approach the barn door there is always a moment of gratitude that I even have this door to open and then the moment when you know you are opening a door to happiness. I switch on the barn light and step in to the fresh smell of pine shavings, hay and barn smells.

Spirit and Shurman have made their way into the barn and will me to the hay area with big eyes blinking and displaying pretty arched necks and attentive ears as I chuckle at the amount of shavings they are wearing this particular morning.

The inside boys fed; Murray waits for me outside the barn as I have flakes tucked under my arm to give to ponies for their feed. As I walk out to their paddocks I admire the range of pinks in the sky and contrasting with the blues and set against the white snow.

Murray is bouncing up and down at this point as he knows once I drop these flakes of hay it is time to go inside for his meal.

Back into the mudroom I remove my outside clothing returning it to the hooks I took them from. I can smell coffee brewing, this means it has been made for me.

Now I start my day.


Breathing with Horses

I have had the best fortune to be able to live in a very intimate and close situation with 4 very incredible beings, our small herd of horses. My life style made a dramatic change when we relocated to this area and we were really living with the horses.


Being home with the horses gave me greater access to them then I ever encountered in our previous living situation as we would have to board out the horses. I was given the gift of an education, directly from the horse’s mouth to speak.

I had the time and I was living in a very present state, being in the moment I was able to watch, learn and experience that one may perceive as magic.


It has been known that animals can be a great source of healing and leaders in therapy as they are very aware beings that can help shift one’s personal energetic, mental and physical state.


As I live with Type 1 diabetes I was experiencing change with in my own body that could only be accounted for from the time I spend with the horses.


I have felt a real urge from the essence of myself to open the farm for others to experience what I do. My family has benefited greatly by just being present and around the horses. We take great pleasure in providing the best existence we can for them and do not ask for much in return.


This is an introduction of sorts into what I would like to offer~


To be in or near the company of horses returns our selves to a very calm state of being.


The feeling and the results of such calm are tangible. I believe all animals can offer this calm being, reducing heart rate and clearing mind allowing for deep natural breathing to take place.


The idea of Breathing with Horses is to offer and open an environment that is assessable and safe. Horse experience is not necessary and horse/human safety is put forth first.


Whether you feel you are a creative spirit, the Breathing with Horses environment offers an open space near the horses with access to paper and crayons. The simplicity of being will help with the reconnection to nature and the space it’s self.


Living with Type 1 Diabetes a key factor in maintaining consistent low blood glucose numbers is the removal of stress from your life. I became very aware that being with our horses would often lower my sugars.


I feel that everyone one with pain or confusion in one’s life would benefit from this space


Human nature seeks opportunity to play and rejuvenate we take holidays to take a break and check out of the hustle and bustle all while we are really checking into life during these mini spurts of reconnection to self and nature.


To get away from it all and camping as an example gives a person a chance to forget about timelines and agenda’s and connect to a greater sense of being as the presence of nature, with its sounds and smells keep you in the here and now.


I feel as humans we do not afford ourselves this luxury as much as we should. We have confused the priority and what it is that will really enable us to feel better about ourselves trying to satisfy our needs from an external place rather than looking from the inside out.


We are all connected to each other much deeper than most realise and yet we are coming to a time in life where quite the opposite is happening. A time of awakening some call it. It seems that the external gratification is no longer feeding the deep routed needs to connect and ground one’s self.


There is many ways and languages bringing us back to the same place. Connecting to nature and being in the present moment is the way back to self.


Sometimes one does not know where to start and so it is our intention to offer our property as this place. Some find meditation their way or medium to connect and ground and yet there are many that find new age philosophy and terms not approachable.


We offer a non-judgemental space where you can come as your self with out expectation. You can use the tools we provide in a non judgemental way to find the quiet space inside.


We are proving a space for you to be in while doing something that makes you happy. Do you have a mobile craft you would appreciate doing in the company of horses.

Do you crochet, read, write, or bead.?.


Would you like to walk a stone labyrinth..?


Would you like to be near horses, do you enjoy grooming or just being near by?


We do not offer horse riding and any hands on time with the horses are in a facilitated and supervised situation.


We honour animals as they are not less than us rather our equals and greater than. Our animals are not here to serve us rather we are here to serve them.


We offer a unique experience with a small herd of well cared for horses that each brings their own abilities and connections.


All beliefs and denominations are welcome here.


At this time we ask you to email to set up a time to come out.


My intention at this point is to get word out


I want people to come either as an open house to be in the yard with horses near by or private session for someone seeking to go in with the horses.


I would like to offer the Round pen to yoga instructor to offer a session while horses turned out.


I would like 2 picnic tables with flat top and roll paper to draw and colour


This experience is open to all ages, great for people that live with disease, disorders and medical issues. Children diagnosed with Spectrum Disorders, ADD. Asbergers


For us all to be safe and remain in a positive way there are rules we need to be aware of and abide by to make sure this experience remains as it should.


Please do not enter into the horses physical areas unless supervised or given direct permission as this is the horse’s space and we respect this.


Please do not hand feed the horses. If we offer the horses’ apples and carrots we put them on the ground as we do not want to confuse the horses as mouth contact holds a different meaning to the horses.


Please do not wander out of designated areas.


Please leave your mobile device in your vehicle.


Please bring an open mind and leave any expectations at home.


Please pack a lunch


Please bring your favourite craft or hobby


Please bring a blanket or chair to sit on.


Come as you are.


We are a farm remember your rubber boots..!


Life is made of energy and we are all energetic beings. Energy flows to a fro from us and needs to be balanced and grounded. When our energy system is not, over time this can cause dis-ease in our systems showing up in different ailments.
I believe it is our connection to earth (grounding) and balance with nature that will keep us in check.

We require opportunities to be able to re-align ourselves and I believe that the horses aid in this process. As we do what we enjoy such as crafting in the presence of the horses this enables us to learn to recognise and feel the process.


The Spirit Horse