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The Dirty Devils Rodettes 

I feel when something is meant to be it will find a way. It might not take a course that is simple and straight forward yet upon reflection at the end, it all makes sense how it came to be. 

As an independent woman, the intention of my blogs is to facilitate connection between people through the exposure of my writings. 

This requires me to constantly push myself out of my comfort zone to approach and talk to people in order to help others. 

Photo by Dan Dertien

Every time I push myself there is elevation I cannot possibly imagine on the other side and this is how I would find myself a member of The Dirty Devils Rodettes. 

Two consecutive car shows I would randomly cross paths with two members of the Dirty Devils Rodettes. Both woman immediately responded to me with genuine enthusiasm and desire to connect further. 

Veronica Vixen, Ruby Rogers and myself

We would then exchange social media contacts realizing we would continue to cross paths as we were attending the same events and shows. 

It would be GGG17 that would solidify a budding friendship as these two with out hesitation offered to hold my purse, take pictures and cheer me on during the Pinup pageant.  

Boss Mare Betty, Ruby Rogers and Veronica Vixen

I recognized their authentic support and realized the opportunity we could create.  

In this day and age it is a gift to have a group of woman that inspire and motivate one another to be the best versions of themselves. 

Veronica Vixen

These two were already founding members of the female chapter of the Dirty Devils Rat Rod Car Club, the Dirty Devils Rodettes and now they invited me to participate with them during the Ladysmith show. 

Photo by Dan Dertien

Their hospitality and welcomeness made me feel truly apart of their family. 

By the end of that show my personal history was made. I was officially included with the group, social media was made and we started creating plans to develop ideas. 

Photo by Dan Dertien

What I noticed about this group is the genuine efforts to support each other and to support the community with sincere enthusiasm which is motivating and refreshing. 

Ruby Rogers

I have longed to be apart of a group that can inspire and draw attention to important causes and the best part is that these woman felt like I was coming home. 

Ruby Rogers, myself and Veronica Vixen

These are my sisters, my girl gang, my squad and my tribe. The possibilities are endless to what will happen when we are together. 

Sharon D’Lovely and D’Lovely Publications.. xx

With a NEW year here it’s time to be inspired, as we are coming from a place of resolutions sometimes we need to see the people doing what we want to achieve to give us the empowerment to go get it for ourselves..

Meet Sharon D’Lovely and D’Lovely Publications..xx

Sharon D'Lovely

Sharon D’Lovely has made her mark in the Pin-up community, I am excited for her and her new endeavours..!

As a model herself Sharon has expanded her repertoire to include D’Lovely Publications a publication company to her umbrella and I really admired her for her intention.

I know that Pin-up has been a fast growing industry with many women getting into it as a way of self esteem and empowerment.  Pin-up has given women a new way to view themselves and to own it no matter who or what you are.

Sharon D'Lovely

I also believe that dreams are being made and coming true in this genre because of woman.  The common collective of desire and an opportunity to be seen in a new light has inspired many and because of the dream of one, many dreams have become realized.

“It’s all about believing in yourself and following your dreams”, says Sharon.

May we all have the courage in our lives to be touched by opportunity or to know this is your time and seize your moment.  Sharon inspired me greatly, especially when I think of what time means to me. Time being a series of moments that we live and experience, we do not get this time back or get a repeat, so dreams and then achieving them are what sweeten these moments.

D'Lovely Publications

I have always thought that moving through your fear to make things happen gives us abundant growth as individuals and we are often rewarded in ways we cannot imagine. When we do set forth to achieve as you will see through Sharon’s experience, her rewards were unimaginable and with a genuine intention her success will be abundant as well as for anyone working in her light.

“It all started with me with wanting to put together a 2014 calendar for my fans, which I did…then I got the idea to put together a calendar for charity, so I reached out to a few fellow pin up gals I knew to join in, and they did!

I found myself short a few models for some of the months, so I posted an open casting call on my Facebook page to fill the spots. Next thing I knew, I was flooded with submissions from models all over the world!

The obvious decision at that point, for me, was to begin a publication company and start publishing beautiful women of all sizes, ethnicities, and modelling styles!

I found myself frustrated with a lot of magazines that I, personally, had been submitting my work to, and I decided I was going to run a publication company that did things a little differently, and treated their models with the respect and dignity they deserved! After all, what is a magazine, without its models?!

Now, here we are, 5 publications later, and counting! We have already raised funds and other donations for one worthy cause, the Wichita, Kansas, YWCA Women’s Crisis Center, and we are well on our way to making more great donations for several other worthy charities!

Every model and photographer published in our books, magazines, and calendars has generously donated their work for these charities. I’m very proud to work with them all and publish their great images!”

Sharon D’Lovely

Sharon D'Lovely
I truly wish for you to go check out Sharon D’Lovely and D’Lovely Publications , she is a very genuine and down to earth character.  A type of woman that is gracious and honourable, the best kind of friend you can have.. xx