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My love letter to you.

The countdown has begun for me; a week and we will pack up the truck and travel to destination Edmonton, AB.

It has been a long time since I have had the fluttery, uneasy feeling in my stomach every time my mind drifts towards the events of our holiday weekend.

I would never had expected to be here a year ago, not for the pomp and circumstance yet that I put myself out there like I have and I could also not have conceived the support and the celebration of sorts for me doing so either.

I like to think that life is a series of opportunities waiting for you to collect them and as I get older I am discovering the ones you take the leap for or that scare you the most, offer the greatest gift in return when you do so.

Living on our farm in the country has fed my need of isolation, my perceived ideas of being anti-social and has been the hole in which this recluse buried herself.

As of late and the motivation from my Page and its growth has lovingly lent a hand and has pulled me out of the corner.  I have learned through your encouragement that my presence IS valuable in the outside world and so I have embraced myself.

I guess you could say my entry into the REVREV Pin-up Pageant was my coming out party and well in my nature it is go big or go home.

I am not by any means an assuming character and I put my faith into if this is meant to be it will.  My challenges were plenty I needed to ask for help because I was not going to be able to do this on my own.

My asking for your help and you all have brilliantly stepped up to the plate and have cheered me on in a way I could not have dreamt of.

This has been the prize for me.

We all are here to sparkle in our own ways and no matter your perception of someone you never really know how life changing something as small as a smile can be to a stranger.

Thank you does not seem enough to express my gratitude to you for your time through your voting and all of your beautiful comments on the pictures I have posted.

Thank you for the sparkle I see in my kids eyes because they are excited and seeing their Mum do something that is new.

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey. BmB xx


REVREV Pin-up Pageant 2013

I have entered a Pin-up Pageant..!

I need your help..xx

I have entered my very first Pin-up Pageant, to be held live July 20th in Edmonton Alberta Canada..!

The fun part to the REVREV Pin-up Pageant is there is an on-line component and YOU can help no matter where you are located by voting for me.. Xx

If you follow me on FB or read my blog here you may know I am a stay at home mum of three. I document my experiences living in Northern British Columbia as my personal style is very unique to my area and I am a Pin-up in the middle of the country.

I might be perceived as a contradiction yet once you get to know me it all makes sense.

Entering the REVREVPin-up Pageant  is what I call a perspective expanding experience for me. I am pushing my boundaries and limitations I had once conceived of myself.

You can vote daily by going to the REVREV Blog and finding my name in the Poll Box at the too left corner of your screen.

If you are on a mobile device please scroll to the bottom of the Page and click “view web version” once the Page reloads the Poll Box will appear on the top left corner.

I have one month and I am excited. I know that every time I have successfully gone out there and done the unexpected I am rewarded in ways I cannot imagine.