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The many sides to me

I was 18 years old when I went in for my first tattoo.. Not a big surprise, when I was 10 years I remember watching Ripley’s believe it or not about heavily tattooed people..

I knew then that was for me..

That was my first inkling I was not like other people.. Long before the internet or social websites you were either cool or you were not.. I was the latter of the two, I never found a place where I felt I fit..

It was not until horses that I had a sense of being ok with whom I was.. The horse never judged me, didn’t care what I looked like or what I liked to talk about, they just wanted to know the person inside..

I always knew I needed to be around horses, my life took me this way and that way and then I took my life back… My desire of tattooing increased as I aged and did my desire to return to the horses..

I met the man of my dreams.. Allot of similar interests were shared between the two of us.. Mostly that of the horses.  We said from the beginning our dream would be to have horses on property and to think we achieved this..

His passion is VW’s and American Muscle cars and what better way for a girl to participate is through fashion and style of the retro Pin Up girl.. A few years ago I was trying to style my wardrobe with a Pin Up influence, hair flowers and lot’s of cleavage.

I did not know at the time how much I would fall in love with they style and culture and even though we live on a farm and are far away from any city centers where we can participate in car culture I knew I wanted to go full on “Doll”..

I am afforded a wonderful life by my husband, I stay at home, have freedom to care for the animals, have time to go on my spiritual journey with the horses and the ability to dress in as style I would like.. It is not a coincidence to me that my love of my tattoo’s goes hand in hand with the NEW Pin up look and it is also not a surprise that I feel I am more than one person at times..

Being at home on the farm I am either in my pyjamas or running about outside in gumboots and barn cloths YET when we go to town is my time to Doll up as I say..

I cannot be anymore polar opposite to these two images..

The one thing that I know for sure in this life is that I am my own being, I have never felt until this point in my life that there was a place for me.. As I went through the years I tried on many hats and none ever seemed to feel that good..

Technology has given us the ability to self promote and put out there and connect with others that have similar interests or outlooks on life..

I have finally learned no matter what I show up like, as long as I am true to myself, intentions and beliefs I am good.  It’s that internal confidence, the glow that radiates from within.. This is what we should deem attractive or popular in and for people.

I always have taken the long road to figuring things out, very much guided by my intuition or gut feeling.. My perception of life has always been different than others yet has reaped me the rewards of life because I see it with different eyes..

No matter how I show up, at the heart I am always the same person..

It only seemed fitting to make the persona of my Pin up character after my knuckle Tattoo and Bettie Page.. I started the NEW “Boss Mare Betty” FB page to accommodate that side of my personality.  Just as I did with “The Spirit Horse” FB page.

No matter what the page they are all facets of me.. Sometimes it feels easier to identify myself as different characters as they can be so different from each other..

Really how many heavily tattooed Pin Up Dolls do you see with farms and horses ❤

Since writing this Blog for “My Riding Journey FB Group” I have since opened this account and decided it was a good addition to this new site and groups of writings.

Tits on a Unicorn..

From the beginning of time woman have had breasts.. Born for function these beauties also bare a form that triggers us visually. The response is in recognition of a Woman’s delicious femininity. With all the size and shape combinations the breasts also have ample names. No matter how you call them they are all around us and each set is show cased in as many fashions as one can think up.

The bosom appears to be a fan of controversy, regardless if they are aware of it or not.. They can bring up and stir many emotions and in the same hand can bring up and conjure none at all. They set us apart, literally whether a woman chooses to keep them under wraps or showcase her bosom, sensuality comes in all forms and displays and in this we admire.

I recently came across a FB Page that was embracing the above. With a cheeky approach to true booby appreciation with the combined humour and love of all Unicorns..

Introducing to you for your viewing pleasures ~ Tits on a Unicorn

I know your interested with the gorgeous name and it only gets better!

“Celebrating womanly charms” What better wording to encompass the intention of a Fabulous FB Page run by 5 of the most highly visible Pin Up Dolls on the scene right now..

*Insert Glitter* Introducing the Guardians of TOAU *Insert Sparkles*

NAOMI VONKREEPS- http://www.facebook.com/NaomiVonKreeps Star wars geek, filter lacking, dork extraordinaire, dark humoured, tattooed, internationally published alt model, possibly in love with Boba Fett.

VERONICA VIRGO- http://www.facebook.com/VeronicaVirgo * FUCKING CLASSY * I love music… and clothes… and shoes… and food..

HARLEAN CARPENTER- http://www.facebook.com/PoeticPinup Harlean Carpenter is a fiction created to create fiction. Her work is the study of a theory she once had about something she can only vaguely recall. Whatever she does next will almost certainly seem like a good idea at the time

KORINA M. LOPEZ- http://www.facebook.com/pinupsforpaws Helping save paws one Pinup at a time!

SALLY SPARROW- http://www.facebook.com/SallySparrowPinup No, I am not the Sally Sparrow hunted by the Weeping Angels. I am a Vintage Pinup Model & Makeup Artist who harbours an unnatural love for corsetry, sci-fi, books, petticoats, gloves, My Little Pony and Colin Firth. I am equal parts Busby Berkeley Musical and Maleficent. Come and peek at me!

These lovely ladies came together as friends and wanted to start a fun fan page and what better direction to go then share what they love and have in common. You guessed it.. Tits and Unicorns..

The first distinguishing part of TOAU would be the two daily features.. Firstly the daily Unicorn.. An outstanding bit of Picture humour that includes at the center of attention a Unicorn, of course..

The second feature, The Daily Bazoombas. Your daily bosom picture and tantalizing write up by Mistress Sally Sparrow. Pictures of all shapes and forms, you get to know a bit more about the girl behind the bosom and see if that girl has her own page..

What a brilliant concept as you can go through all the delights if you check back through the Wall Photo album. Although the Page is new the Likes are through the roof. I can see girls lining up to submit to be the next Bazoomba of the Day..!

I know I was thrilled when I was informed I would fill this spot August 7th. Being that I have not done a “Professional” photography session. I adore taking pictures and the like. I would not have ever thought I could have been considered for such an achievement. Wow.. ❤

This for me is a new experience and specially as I am not familiar with showcasing my gurls.. This would prove to be an adventure yet after my conversation with Sally Sparrow I was even more compelled to participate as I knew and felt comfortable knowing this was in fun in a tongue and cheek campy way and I knew these ladies demanded the best and so I felt so comfortable..

Straight from the mouth of Sally Sparrow herself, she says to me…….

“We hope that people understand that we love boobs and it’s not meant in an objectifying way- it’s a celebration of womanly charms. We only feature girls that submit photos for the feature- all sizes, all shapes. We love it all! You don’t have to be a pinup model or have professional photos. We think women should love their bodies and be proud of them! We have great respect and admiration for the ladies.”

Most important to the Guardians of TOAU, they do not tolerate any derogatory comments at all and they have yet to delete any comments or block any user.

The second part of TOAU is the connection to their big sister page Pinup-doll.com.. A page geared more to the Professional platform and it runs a contest that is based on fun and fairness no matter your genre of Pin Up style.. As read in their page description it is their “Mission to provide a fun & fair Pinup Contest environment that embraces and celebrates all types of pinup modeling. Our judging will be based upon the merits of the submitted photos and will NOT be a popularity contest based on the number of ‘likes’. Pinup-Doll.com will not tolerate any disparaging treatment or rude comments to any of its participants.

Yay for fairness and equal opportunity..

As for my adventure..

One of the greatest things coming into the Pin Up culture was the acceptance from other girls. I have always appreciated that beauty comes in many different forms. For me the consistent is seeing in a woman’s eyes how she is feeling about herself.

Being offered this opportunity made me feel quite special and super excited. As I love sharing the Pin Up girls I come across on FB land, I felt I was being recognized. I discovered Pin Up later than allot of other dolls, between my age and my sight I have felt is necessary to do as much as I can now. I have been collecting mental images for when I might not be able to look back at the photographic ones.

I myself have an ample bosom yet have never shown or flashed it about, My Heidi dress is probably the most cleavage put out there and so to look at pictures of woman in control of themselves and being most comfortable in their skin is very attractive and desirable to me.

Going through my collection of photos to see what I could put together I very soon discovered I did not have anything that came close to what might be considered a good ol’ cheeky shot..

My first attempt of my photos received a very bland review from my husband whom is quite the Boob guy and has given me quite the education over the past 10 years of our marriage.. He said your shots look nice, yet you can do better. Next thing I know he is researching pictures on the internet to give examples of what and how I should style myself.

My second attempt was in the yard, he happened to pick up the camera and so this time I went full out the opposite direction, shirt off trying to hold my over flowing handfuls all while keeping a demure look on my face and wonder how to make my body look all sexy and stuff..

Once reviewing the pictures I decided that was a fail too. How was I going to come up with a few enticing photos? Not over the top sex pot yet enough to give a little more lift to the eye brow when looking at them. It got to the point that any time I was in make up I was getting obsessed with trying to get the perfect shot yet all I really wanted to do was turn up my booby volume and with their size I was getting lost in them..

At the end of the day I came to the conclusion that we all package ourselves a little differently and this is what makes us eye candy. It is what comes from with in a person, what shines bright enough to be caught by film.

I adore the message of the Unicorns. It is really about embracing who you are and in my case having a cute time while doing it.. xx

Check out my FB Page for tantalizing photo’s in the “Tits on a Unicorn” Photo Album.. >.<