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Darling Dames, Retro Leopard Stud Earrings

Darling Dames, Retro Leopard Stud Earrings.

For a girl who adores Leo Print I came to realize I don’t own a lot to account for that love. I have decided it is time to change this and start building my collection and the Retro leopard stud earrings at Darling Dames was the best place to start.

These fashion earrings are made in the shape of a heart with the leopard print center detailed with rhinestones. The backings that come with the earrings have larger backs so the earrings sit nicely on your ear.


The earrings are a nice size and the shape being a heart is flattering to the jaw line/bone. They have a very vintage look and once I put my leopard dress on I was quite thrilled how the two came together.

I found them to be the purrr-fect addition to my collection and do believe I will get a fair amount of wear from them.


These earrings came from Darling Dames, an on-line shop.


I came across their FB Page first and then I realized the Page was one of their social media platforms. I decided to go window shopping and found myself captured by a few items on the site.

I have often said that my purchasing experience is as important as the product I am acquiring. Owner Jessica was an absolute Doll and was willing to move heaven and earth to ensure my items were going to meet my needs.

She tells me the on-line store is growing and new merchandise is being added. Jessica has a background in Retail and Merchandising and Darling Dames was established in 2011 as a small physical retail shop in Taylor, Texas and has since moved on-line to reach a greater clientele.


Darling Dames boutique is a small start up that’s desire is to cater to woman whose style is strongly influenced by current fashion trends and to provide them a moderately priced product trendy product in return. Darling Dames strives to meet concise customer service standards and it shows. You always want to return as a client when you are appreciated and treated like gold.


I would highly recommend checking out their site and.. xx







Gnarly Treasures..

Gnarly Treasures

Pin-up, Punk & Vintage Flair Accessories and More!

Word of mouth is the greatest asset to any business and when you hear people speaking up about a good find and purchase you pay attention. Gnarly Treasures is one of those that caught my eye with her attention to detail and her handmade lovelies.

Nothing shines through more than someone that loves what they are doing! This is very admirable and important, by supporting vendors that are breaking into the scene we the consumer are receiving a higher quality product. By enabling these talents to be seen we are giving greater exposure to something unique and creative.

Carly Nesbitt is Owner and Designer for Gnarly Treasures and the pride of her workmanship shows, so much so that she uses lead and nickel free product. Carly then tells me

“All of my items are lead and nickel free, guaranteed; I also spray these items to stop oxidization yet if they do change color (some peoples skin reacts more harshly with metals), I have a 100% satisfaction and life time guarantee.”

“ I know that what I make is considered “costume jewellery”, which is why I strive to make my customers happy. So if something tarnishes, or a piece breaks, I am more than happy to fix, replace, repair at any given time.”

“My cards all say “lifetime guarantee” and I live by that!”

For me these words go along way. You cannot go wrong by someone that stands by their product completely.

I have said this often as it is the basis of offering to you the reader a genuine and trustworthy review, for me to commit and purchase on-line the level and quality of customer service and hand crafted items are high on my list when making purchases.

The reason, because I am a stickler for touching merchandise before I purchase it.. With this in mind it really takes something different for me to make that step into acquiring on-line goodies.

I love the presentation of Gnarly Treasures products and the selection from earrings to hair flowers. Owner Carly Nesbitt is happy to work with a client to build custom pieces and she was excited to share with me she has started making Bridal pieces as well. She says she is currently working on a bridal hair piece and veil, as well as a pearl 4 layer choker and bridesmaids flowers for those of us who don’t want just your regular princess style wedding.

I was really excited waiting on my necklace and pendant to arrive. There are so many details with this set I was not sure which was my favourite from the symmetrical silver bows, the frame of the pendent looks similar to my hand tattoo and the center focal point of the pendent, the rose is gorgeous.

I was super happy with the package when it arrived in the mail, within the parcel the necklace/pendant were nicely wrapped and I adore details like this as it makes the reveal that more special.

Carly was really help full and easy to work with. You can find her merchandise on-line at her FB Page and her Esty Shop.

You must go take a look, I know I have my eyes on her hair flowers..xx


Gnarly Treasures

Gnarly Carly

Super CUTE..! Gnarly Carly.. xx

Photographer: Cherrybomb Photography
Hair: Carolina Jean – Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
Make-up: Lizzi Lipstick